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The Sony Xperia Tablet Z is available from Expansys:

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  • Bakir Damdi 2 years ago

    To the Expansys Team,

    I am writing in for I don’t know how many times. My phone had stopped
    working just in a month of purchasing it from your site. It had reached you
    back for repair on 15 sept 2014. Today it is 1 month and I have no news of
    my phone. I had received a mail that you will give a replacement as very
    clearly you cannot repair it. But still no one is taking an initiative to
    send the new phone and I am no longer getting proper responses to my mails.

    This has reached to a point of annoyance though I still patiently wait for
    my phone. I would really appreciate it that you will not waste any more
    time and send the new replacement asap as I’m without a phone and very

    I hope your site takes its customers seriously and connecting with your
    site doesn’t prove a waste of time for me.

    I am still hoping your team will take an immediate action and value
    customer satisfaction and my comments for your site and service turns

    My order no:
    Bakir Damdi.‏

  • Martin The Great 2 years ago

    There are centuries of worth of dead bodies, piss, shit and who else knows
    what in the Thames and you just simply put your hands in it.

  • Patryk Kowalski 2 years ago

    When I put my tablet under the water. The apps are going crazy, why?

  • dsouzand 2 years ago

    i thought they liqupel the tablets?