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Take a closer look at Xperia Tablet Z and discover more about its features, from its Full HD Reality Display to its slim and light design. Learn about the be…

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  • Royce. T 2 years ago

    +Sony Xperia
    is There any problem on This device KITKAT version ( Eg , YouTube
    ,Facebook, Applications Not work Perfectly )

  • Jellybeangod 2 years ago

    was the music for this created by sony?

  • Mike Bynoe 2 years ago

    Great, I just ordered one, maybe I will get the phone too!

  • Thisura Yapa 2 years ago
  • John murry 2 years ago

    Hi sony, is the tablet able to make phone calls by using prepaid cards?

  • eduardo evangelio 2 years ago

    I want one…

  • eduardo evangelio 2 years ago

    I want one…

  • James Jamson 2 years ago

    …Xperia™ Tablet Z…

  • Claudia Mejia 2 years ago


  • Александр Чупров 2 years ago
  • Jared Persinger 2 years ago

    Even though the new nexus 7 is out if I wanted a tablet I would still get

  • Ahmet Ezber 2 years ago
  • Sony Xperia 2 years ago

    Thanks Ilyas! -Josh

  • geovibefm 2 years ago

    sony is the best. 6.9 slim and ipad 9.3 wtf apple? song name?

  • shyguy 2 years ago

    Is running android or windows?

  • Sony Xperia 2 years ago

    Thanks for your post Danny! -Josh

  • Abhijeet Sutar 2 years ago

    stunning tablet by sony!! Samsung, Apple here comes amazing Tablets by Sony
    .Big rival to these rest of tablets in market

  • Theodor Spencer 2 years ago

    It is simply brilliant!

  • BJEntertainement 2 years ago

    Hello sony, Can I have the music ? Thank you

  • PlayFiction 2 years ago

    🙂 (;

  • haitirico 2 years ago

    I own two sony tablets, tablet s and xperia s. One thing I can tell you
    from experience is that sony does not care about its customers, if u think
    I am lying check any sony forum you will know the truth. Tablet outdated
    still running on ics, constant shout down and horrible wifi. Xperia s came
    out because sony did not want to fix tablet s, now xperia z is on its way
    out because sony does not want to fix xperia s. Go head buy experia z and
    you will end up just like me with two faulty tablets.

  • hugo boss 2 years ago

    josh song name please? xD

  • Леонид Абрамов 2 years ago


  • Tatti31 2 years ago

    This is Sony at their best. I have a Sony Xperia Tablet S, and it’s
    perfect. It’s hard to think of anything better than that, but you never
    stop surprising.

  • Note Zaa 2 years ago

    i love Xperia Tablet Z

  • Sony Xperia 2 years ago

    Thanks Krzyszto! -Josh

  • Sony Xperia 2 years ago

    Hi! Unfortunately we don’t have regional information on the release of the
    tablet for your location. You can contact your local support for more
    information. -Rachell

  • Stefan Rosander 2 years ago

    Lucky U! What’s your experience so far?

  • Tom's channel 2 years ago

    sony tablet? no thank you

  • John Catral 2 years ago

    Ordered one of these bad boys up, to compliment my Xperia Z smartphone. 🙂
    I’m glad Sony, minus Ericsson is back! It’s been awhile but it looks like
    it’s worth it. 🙂

  • Airkibasang Imorimiyako 2 years ago

    always it’s sony

  • androiddindang 2 years ago

    This music has lots of bass.

  • Sony Xperia 2 years ago

    This device will launch globally in Q2 calendar 2013. We don’t have pricing
    info at the moment. -Josh

  • rudolfionel 2 years ago

    Music name ?