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Price and details here- Buy Now- …

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  • Intellect Digest 2 years ago

    Watch Xolo Tegra Play Note Unboxing and Review by @iDigestIndia cc @MyXolo

  • ALL solutions 2 years ago

    it has 1 gb ram

  • Kailas J Kumar 2 years ago

    Hi, please tell me where can i get the slide cover in India either from
    retailers or online.

  • ankit bhatia 2 years ago

    Sir can you pls tell can we use doongle in tegra note?

  • Shahul Haq 2 years ago

    Awesome Tablet especially Great for Gamers 

  • SUNNYS MATION 2 years ago

    There is only 1gb ram

  • Aritra Singha 2 years ago

    if u want 3g on this tab it can be done by buying a tata docomo photon max
    with wifi and then put on a 3g sim card and then enjoy

  • Gaurav Prabhu 2 years ago

    awesome detailed review but i wanted to know if the camera
    supports panorama 

  • Jyotirindra Ghosh 2 years ago

    where is the full review

  • Ravi Dadlani 2 years ago

    nice video there …..
    and the tablet is nice tooo

  • Dharma818 2 years ago

    does it have 1 gb ram or 2 gb ram?

  • mindshelfpro 2 years ago

    Please do a review of writing apps/stylus and comparison with the Samsung
    Galaxy Note series and their Wacom digitiser technology.

  • sunil baghel 2 years ago

    My budget is ₹ 21000 . Who’s tablet I buy nexus 7 2013 edition or xolo
    tegra Note

  • b.m.harsha vardhana 2 years ago

    paisa wasool tablet,awesome xolo

  • vivekkumar singh 2 years ago

    Nd plz leme knw if it has any heating or thermal throttling
    problems….waiting for d detailed review…thnx…

  • Nikhil Bhagat 2 years ago

    must buy..!! amazing piece of hardware…

  • ebin k 2 years ago

    Can’t we attach 3 G dongle via OTG cable…….anyway pretty amazing tab
    …superb design….XOLO has a separate design section for their tabs and
    mobiles…and they are doing a great job….nice review too…..

  • V Lad 2 years ago

    3G is in demand, how they ignored? Rest all is good.

  • vivekkumar singh 2 years ago

    Sir, Plz do a full detailed gaming review of this tablet….i wish to buy
    this tablet…nd wud lke to knw hw it performs wid high end games wid only
    a gig of ram

  • naveen tej 2 years ago

    copied another product. it is a evga product which is $200(~12500) but in
    India it is 18000 in the name of xolo….
    but the device is worthy not from side of xolo