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Xolo Play Tegra Note Review by FoneArena. Read more: reviews the Tegra 4 powered Xolo Play …

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  • FoneArena 2 years ago
  • Tariq Waqar 2 years ago

    Absolutely Awesome Review Mates, Tegra Rockzzz

  • Abhinav Chamoli 2 years ago

    When stating that if there were any questions we should put them in the
    comments, it would have been great if you had also mentioned that you
    weren’t going to answer any of them.

  • santy shravan 2 years ago

    the gameplay of gta sa you showed had no lags but in my tegra note gta sa
    lags like anything. my micromax mobile plays it without lag. can you tell
    what the problem is???? plsss

  • Rashuu Chaudhari 2 years ago

    it’s a power-house… but according to the development is there any chance
    of upgrade ? I mean will nvidia launch a tegra k1 play note with 2 gb of
    ram at a negotiable price? the upgrade version of tegra play note 7!! plz
    rply!! Then I will definitely wait for that. thank you..

  • ADITYA VERMA 2 years ago

    what about slow motion video recording??????

  • VsqTX19 2 years ago

    plzz do a comparison review between this and the nexus 7 2013…plzzz

  • kamma44 2 years ago

    I played GTA SA for about 45 min and it ate up almost 30% of the battery.
    Not to mention that it gets hot as hell!

    I’m tired of wasting my money on these ‘gimmick’ tablets that try to be
    something that they are not!

    If you really want mobile gaming then get a Shield, DS or Vita.

  • saikat roy 2 years ago

    Does it have OTG support? Can we get Mobile data using a dongle with it?

  • Debdeep Chakraborty 2 years ago

    which one is better to buy ipad mini or tegra note???
    please suggest?

  • jcamposjr 2 years ago

    Between Tegra and “LG G PAD 8.3”, which you think is best?

  • Royden Soares 2 years ago

    how does fifa 14 play on this tablet & the battery backup

  • Dishant Narang 2 years ago

    Is it better to buy and ipad mini retina or a tegra note 7 considering the
    price of both of them. 

  • Mohit Vaswani 2 years ago

    nice review, is it a best substitute for nexus 7(2013)?

  • SHUBHAM RAWAT 2 years ago

    can it play 1080p vid?

  • rajib modak 2 years ago

    Where to buy slide cover of it

  • niraj mhatre 2 years ago

    hows the camera quality.
    and is it true that we can deactivate human touch sensitivity. 

  • Abhiek Bist 2 years ago

    how does gangster Vegas performs on this device ?

  • Salman Waseem 2 years ago

    Nice Review..
    Good Job Fonearena.. 

  • Nibin Babu 2 years ago

    according to u guys which tab should i buy,nexus 7 2013 or tegra note??

  • Coull 2 years ago

    Nice review FoneArena!

  • arnav dixit 2 years ago

    Does it support 3g dongle?

  • Rustom John Ajose 2 years ago

    it looks like big nexus 5 lol

  • Micky Rastogi 2 years ago

    Only one ques did u use a usb controller while playing games if yes plzz
    tell which one ? 

  • mazen zoweil 2 years ago

    is the display sucks ?

  • yash verma 2 years ago

    Guys .. please suggest me a good Tablet below 20K which have connnectivity
    other than wifi also .. wht’s the use of any tablet if thers no wifi and no
    other connectivity in it :(

  • Nibin Babu 2 years ago

    where can we buy the optional cover??its not available on flipkart

  • Rustom John Ajose 2 years ago

    it looks like big nexus 5 lol

  • arith sengupta 2 years ago

    Great review +FoneArena just love your review just want to know that i
    want to buy a otg cable is it micro or mini usb

  • Jyotirindra Ghosh 2 years ago

    good work fonearena.but u have not shown the browser and internet
    capabilities. hope u will show it soon
    thank you

  • Salman Waseem 2 years ago

    Nice Review..
    Good Job Fonearena..