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The 8W, Acer’s foray into the ultra cheap Windows Tablet arena, let’s find out how well does it fare. Related Links :- Windows 8.1 on 1GB RAM Performance htt…


Acer Iconia


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  • kevingarnett2000 2 years ago

    Seeing a fully functioning windows OS on a compact tablet gives me a boner

  • reubenster93 2 years ago

    Hey marauderz, I need some help here. I’m choosing between the Pipo W2F and
    the Acer Iconia Tab 8W. Both around the same specs except for the RAM in
    which Pipo has 2GB. Any thoughts?

  • sauying neo 2 years ago

    Sorry, what I mean is from micro usb to hdmi by using MHL cable ? My friend
    told me can, but never try, can you try this?
    I know MHL is for android, but can you confirm for this W1

  • wakao bing 2 years ago

    请问一下这个平板电脑会会病毒吗? 跟我们的普通电脑一样中吗 ? 如果会中是否能重置过吗 ? 谢谢 

  • shimmeringreflection 2 years ago

    Very good review.

    It seems to have higher build quality than some of the other cheap tablets
    like Chuwi vi8 and Onda v819w, but no HDMI and only 1GB RAM is not good.
    I’ll probably buy it anyway though, as it’s come down in price here in New

  • sgvengeance 2 years ago

    HI, very helpful review. I was thinking of buying this as a portable tablet
    that I can use when travelling to review videos and pictures taken by my
    gopro and camera. Just like a first pass, no editing. Do you think it is
    suitable? Cheers

  • golds taldo 2 years ago

    i have a problem with the keyboard “page dn”it doesnt function well..

  • marc rodger Desiderio 2 years ago

    would you choose this instead of hp stream 7?

  • Niklas Hörning 2 years ago

    Good Video you just earned another subscriber for that :D

  • sauying neo 2 years ago

    Thanks bro, waiting for your answer!
    Any thoughts to get a new er switch 12?

  • Muhammad Farith 2 years ago

    Support USB OTG thumb drive? and does it has micro sd slot?

  • Sacrifice11111 2 years ago

    Can it play games like Morrowind???

  • Pradeesh Parameswaran 2 years ago

    Joi8 and this are priced similarly and do have almost the same specs ,
    which one would you recommend ? 

  • sauying neo 2 years ago

    Bro, can it output to hdmi or vga?

  • Cyndrick Imperial 2 years ago

    Does MHL Micro USB to HDMI port works on this tablet? I just want to
    connect this tablet on my TV. 

  • Isyraq Zamri 2 years ago

    What keyboard do you have on ur table there?

  • cxjiek 2 years ago

    Thanks for the review. Was surprised that this product came out after Joi

  • David Manson 2 years ago

    hey,wei min chan. i just brought this tablet yesterday .but i cant found
    that automatically brightness settings? it’s keep dimming everytime. how
    can we disable that automatically brightness?