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  • Wally Plahutnik 3 years ago

    any luck rooting this tablet? Most of the forums are in Chinese and google
    translate isn’t much help for technical instructions. I ended up with this
    N710 in the US and would like to root and add Google Play store to make it
    more functional here. Thanks.

  • Panda Will 3 years ago

    ViewSonic official site: ap.viewsonic[dot]com They will release firmware
    for the tablets.

  • Zan Draven 3 years ago

    Can it go Portrait Mode?

  • Panda Will 3 years ago

    Hi, you need to contact our customer service for order help and confirm
    that. Thanks.

  • Zan Draven 3 years ago

    Do you ship to Myanmar? If Yes, what is the total cost?

  • Gediminas Janulevicius 3 years ago

    It seems that quadrant dosent support this tablet

  • ivanz sarmiento 3 years ago

    ARMv7 = Cortex A9 ARMv6 = Cortex A8

  • Feno Droide 3 years ago

    se quadrant is old that is the problem. and maybe is you see the antutu
    score is better.

  • Alexandru Ghetaru 3 years ago

    Really weird, Tegra 3 should get a much bigger score, RK3066 with Mali 400
    go over 4000 in Quadrant.

  • Gediminas Janulevicius 3 years ago

    quadrant score just 2700? not worth the money

  • Panda Will 3 years ago

    We should update the Quadrant version first.

  • Panda Will 3 years ago

    Just asked the reviewer to upgrade the quadrant version. ViewSonic won’t
    let us down.

  • Bogdan Bezpalyi 3 years ago

    Tell me please, where i can download newer firmware for this tablet? On the
    official site i just can not see this tablet!

  • Panda Will 3 years ago

    Yes. Price differs from different destinations & shipping methods. Our free
    shipping is sent by China Register Airmail. You can see the price when you
    select your country and shipping method on check out process. Any question
    contact our CS directly please. Thanks.

  • Bogdan Bezpalyi 3 years ago

    Would you be kind to give link to the official site of ViewSonic, please?
    And is it any update for this tablet?

  • Владислав Корякин 3 years ago

    It’s all right! Tegra 3 is ARM v7, Cortex A9! You confuse ARM and Cortex!