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A How-To Video illustrating the Features and Functions of the ViewPad 7. The new ViewSonic® ViewPad® 7 with Android 2.2 OS, 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth®, 3G ready,…

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  • worteltjespap 3 years ago

    you can call with it?? and have it got an 3G? there are games for it?? i
    hope u answer!!

  • ViewSonicVideo 3 years ago

    @mike060187 The ViewPad 7 has an audio out and a USB port. There is no
    video input, so it could not be used as a monitor.

  • jose ortiz 3 years ago


  • N10ZT 3 years ago

    It is a tabletized iPhone 4.

  • bigdish2003 3 years ago

    Feb 25 is my birth day

  • Reef Barnes-Moss 3 years ago

    what mobile networks does this support

  • matze karajanov 3 years ago

    LOL!! check 0:08 = She’s holding the whole pad in her left hand and
    touching it with her finger with her right hand…. Now, focuss on the left
    hand holding the whole pad in her hand!! Than, Check this out, 0:44 = Now
    this isnt an image, this is a video.. so you cant edit it in Photoshop ore
    what ever they used.. see how he’s holding the pad? You need a Pretty big
    hand to hold it like it’s showen in 0:08 LoL, btw (it’s just a small
    mistake, pretending its small. im buygin this now)

  • elkin villalona 3 years ago

    vendo esta ViewSonic ViewPad 7 Features & Functions using Android vara solo
    contactame en 829391-3665

  • angelsnow23 3 years ago

    The software update doesn’t work on this tablet (so you’re forever stuck at
    Froyo) and besides Fring, it doesn’t have any application that uses the
    front camera. So technically, the front camera is rather useless if you are
    after video calling. Its only function is to take pictures or use it as a
    mirror. (Tango does support webcam-ing using the back camera which is
    pretty much useless.)

  • wael pauomi 3 years ago

    how can I use a video call by skype please ?

  • angelsnow23 3 years ago

    Plus it’s a bit laggy if you already have a lot of apps installed and it
    doesn’t have that much internal storage (around 150mb) 🙁 (Apps2sd won’t do
    much since the whole app doesn’t really get stored in the SD card, a part
    of it stays in the internal memory and gradually increases its size in
    respect to the apps usage. +: all of the things that were stated in the
    video are all true. 🙂

  • MICHAEL ARBERRY 3 years ago

    what kind of plans it work on ???

  • Cristian M. Barbé 3 years ago

    I can install Android 3.0 or 4.0?

  • ViewSonicVideo 3 years ago

    Yes. ViewPad 7 has 3G sim slot and you can make calls. Games are dependent
    on the Android 2.2 OS, and there are downloads available from 3rd party
    sites like freewarelovers.

  • allanblopez 3 years ago

    can this front camera be used in yahoo messenger in video calling how?

  • flatlanderdot 3 years ago

    Does this need to be unlocked if I want to use my t-mobile sim card in it?

  • ViewSonicVideo 3 years ago

    @willyoubmybesfreind ViewPad 7 is an unlocked 3G device with support for
    GSM mobile networks. Basically, any network with a sim card.

  • Hennahaane 3 years ago

    @0jeroen0100 You can call and use 3G with it if you have a SIM card. There
    are many games for it on the android marketplace.

  • Furkom 3 years ago

    I miss dual-core 1 MHz Processor and cameras above than 5 MP. Also LTE or
    4G internet connection protocol.

  • Carlos Riquelme 3 years ago

    @ViewSonicVideo Can i syncrizied my file like a PC? like Pc to Ipod touch

  • Ryan Emerson 3 years ago

    hey my name is bob smith

  • Michael S 3 years ago

    Can this deivce be used as a monitor? Like if i use the av port to connect
    it to, say, a super nintendo using a phonojack?

  • kevlar641 3 years ago

    oversized iphone 4 lol!!

  • Desmond C 3 years ago

    the kindest thing i can say about this video is its a good guide to
    android. not the Viewpad. Anyways the cpu in this machine is really

  • mizlinkp 3 years ago

    MicroSD Card got stuck in SIM Card slot by mistake….how does one remove?

  • James Avant 3 years ago

    Is this the sane as the Commtiva n700?

  • MICHAEL ARBERRY 3 years ago

    what kind of SIM Card it take

  • carlos gonzales 3 years ago

    tiene radio FM?

  • Tom Nouri 3 years ago

    Absolutely horrible customer service, including the supervisor. Having
    issues with no help. Never buying a viewsonic again. Poor construction,
    errors, and worthless and rude support. It will work well for a few months
    then things begin to fail….guaranteed. I will post negative feedback
    every chance I get or until my issue is resolved.

  • roberto girolami 3 years ago