Added by on September 21, 2014 – Derek from ViewSonic showing off the new ViewSonic ViewPad 7 7-inch ARM …

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  • Zane Carmichael 3 years ago

    600mhz sucks too much at this point.. unless it’s dual core.

  • 3 years ago

    @quantumboy19 i wonder about the innovation you see in a tablet (10 years
    old formfactor)with any smartphone OS on top of it. Neither the iPad is
    innovative, nor all these Android tablets. At least the manufacturers of
    these Android tablet don’t wanna convince you by saying it’s magic! 😉

  • WiseGuy02 3 years ago

    I’m in no way an Apple fan, I think Android phones are the best out there.
    But this needs to be thinner to compete with the iPad. And a 3mp camera is
    pretty pathetic. My phone has a 5mp camera with flash.

  • otomanx 3 years ago

    search for ‘CSL Mi700’ , viewpad7 = CSL Mi700. cheers

  • haydensfx 3 years ago

    is the internet free if ur in a wi-fi area ? please write back

  • fatin fares 3 years ago

    @NaniiBabii17 hi go to settings then applications then manage applications
    then choose all then go to browser then clear cache it cosumes memory do
    that to all major application clear cache and keep doing that periodcally!
    and transfer applications to sd card

  • Chris Russell 3 years ago

    The Viewpad 7 supports Flash and Android Market, and has 720p video
    playback. Get your facts straight before posting BS based on your opinion.
    The only current issue with this tablet is the price. It’s as much or
    higher than the gTablet…which is just ridiculous.

  • Pramod L 3 years ago

    how’s it for reading e -books .. can i read my pdfs on it.. ? Thanks 🙂

  • mkearley49 3 years ago

    @LoftyCuber Look at his previous video.

  • Gino Guillermo 3 years ago

    Any Android 2.3 update for this tablet?

  • TEVA BOOKING 3 years ago

    no way 7″ Ipad will release before Xmas…APPLE may have the Apps advantage
    but alot of people dislike fascist “Close System” ways…it’s good to have
    choices now. Samsung Galaxy Tab is more competition to Ipad than this View
    Sonic Tab.

  • lwdwig 3 years ago

    I bought this tablet and love it – not too expensive, I can afford it, and
    I feel I am not paying money just for fashion.

  • Frenk Cleven 3 years ago

    have it love it

  • fardellroad 3 years ago

    i do believe you get apps with this cuz i am gettin this from toys r us and
    it says that there downloadable and built in apps

  • Fabien AKIN 3 years ago

    bonne view sonic ok

  • StaTeBrigaKoJe 3 years ago

    2:06 hahahaaha

  • Bola Latunji 3 years ago

    Ipad 2 is to be released before xmas 7 inch cost 200 dollars less than
    original ipad

  • urmomma326 3 years ago

    @DJTEVAdotCOM dumbass its alredy released

  • KingAlhatimy 3 years ago

    SO CLASSIC, and largee sorry i don’t wanna choose it over my iphone 4S or
    ipad II

  • Sascha H. 3 years ago

    How do I do a hard reset?

  • James Kelly 3 years ago

    @quantumboy19 LOL shutup you Apple fetishist

  • saquib sheikh 3 years ago

    AROUND BEFORE THE IPAD….example hp tc1100….they copied the other
    tablets but put capacitive touch panel on it

  • James Thomas 3 years ago

    I really hope this has US 3g bands

  • bl1995cy 3 years ago

    looks somewhat like an oversized iphone 4?

  • Syahida Nabilah 3 years ago

    How much is the tablet?

  • vetkato1 3 years ago

    Wait until next year. Don’t purchase any android tablets until honeycomb is

  • Steve Wright 3 years ago

    tad chunky, if you want an android tablet its gotta be the samsung galaxy s
    tab !

  • Machete Gonzales 3 years ago

    wow I really have lots of respect for viewsonic, this is a company that
    tried everything they can to hijack their own product from every angle
    possible, from not having the access to android market, to the tablet that
    barely able to move, it must take lots of effort to be that horrible in
    every product, amazingg!!

  • tootheadheehee 3 years ago

    it doesn’t support flash nor java.. it’s bulky compared to th galaxy tab..
    uses a 600 MHz processor compared to samsung tab 1 GHz..

  • 1190ana 3 years ago

    Im trying to buy a table 7 but idk if it work or if itz worth it.. Can
    someone tell me more about it plz.. I know itz not expensive but if itz not
    good… Then y buy it.. Ohh and does it support java???

  • Steve Palmer 3 years ago

    Well I used the restet button and they claimed did it too hard. Viewpad do
    not cover this under their warranty so they are returning it. I think this
    is a design fault.

  • rukisan159 3 years ago

    rather w8 for blackberry playbook