Added by on November 14, 2014 – The ViewSonic ViewPad 7 is an Android 2.2 Froyo tablet device that features a 7-inch touchscreen display, 3G/Wi-Fi data support, and dual ca…

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  • 007v3 3 years ago

    lol i think i will keep my archos 101

  • Rashad 3 years ago

    @Austin566 It’s obviously supposed to be a cheaper alternative low-end
    tablet for people who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars.

  • TheTurnipKing 3 years ago

    Interestingly, it seems to underclock the processor quite dramatically in
    favor of battery life, but it offers a much more responsive environment
    when its set to favor performance. At 600mhz, the performance is quite
    tolerable, especially with the reduced price point its sitting at now.

  • ohgruttjes 3 years ago

    you can buy it for €169 at the netherlands

  • cyphcastles 3 years ago


  • mobileburn 3 years ago

    @wssroach I think ViewSomic sells it direct for $469 or something.

  • CrdBoardTube 3 years ago

    wow this is thick compared to the other devices on the market

  • MrMilu 3 years ago

    Can you change the display language of Android?

  • Darrell Allen 3 years ago

    Can u play Facebook games on it need to know

  • Luis Arzola 3 years ago

    como instalo android en esta tabla 4.0

  • sandu1983 3 years ago

    Euro is a currency..Europe plug was the last one .

  • Ang ann chye 3 years ago

    l got it for Sing$250, with a free keyboard (not very practical, with the
    USB connector dangling around) and a free blue-tooth headset(so so) , it is
    value for money, with 3G, cool dual SIM, very useful and ez use. I
    recommend it for holiday (oversea) use, with 2 SIM very practical indeed.
    It is quite inconvenience (funny) for making calls (size) but with a
    bluetooth headset it will take some time to get use to it. At Sing $250 it
    is justified. Btw, many China devices are quite good since 2013

  • suntea2004 3 years ago

    @mobileburn even when anybody can see it is not really good device, you can
    get it for $688 in Europe…and that is the lowest price I found. if you
    are correct with that prize, that’s huge raise on different dealers before
    it gets to customer, I’m sick of it.

  • falosi86 3 years ago

    that is a brick!

  • WSS Roach 3 years ago

    yep, doesn’t seem too good, but what’s the price….not everybody can
    afford 700-800 dollars on a tablet 😛 and this is definitely less than 700

  • Gino Guillermo 3 years ago

    Any Android 2.3 update for this Viewpad 7 tablet?

  • Ray Nicolini 3 years ago

    Best Buy Canada sells it for $449

  • JogBird 3 years ago

    why would anyone choose this over a rooted nook colour

  • survivorevil 3 years ago

    I prefer a 250dl nook color

  • shekylerky 3 years ago

    This review is obviously bias. He already has negative comments about the
    box. I can already sense the one sidedness of the review. Therefore the
    rest of his comments are garbage

  • ponyxpress2002 3 years ago


  • noypi1995 3 years ago

    i habe a big question. i just got one of these but how do u put musics or
    movies on it. for example.i have movies or music on my computer how do i
    put it on my view pad? som1 pls help tnx!

  • Christian Melo 3 years ago

    US 220 en Chile

  • gwapi2 3 years ago

    @mobileburn its actually $299 here in canada.

  • DracoDrakie 3 years ago

    As far ive seen this is a pretty useless device on speed. What where the
    manufactures thinking…. every 3/4 phone has a 1ghz chip…