Added by on May 2, 2015 – Viewsonic has been showing its new Viewpad 10 Pro at Mobile World Congress 2011, and it’s a pretty interesting device. Unlike most tablets, the Viewpad 10Pro can dual-boot…

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  • Kevin Buckley 2 years ago

    Maybe if it was 200 bucks and below I’d get it

  • kazegami21 2 years ago

    is it possible to get android ice cream sandwich on this tablet?

  • audiserverhaseo 2 years ago

    will it blend??

  • Drancks 2 years ago

    Guh! More shitty iPad ripoffs. At least rip off a legitimate tablet… like
    the Xoom.

  • spike378 2 years ago

    its going to fail like the g tablet

  • Snowmation 2 years ago

    Seems like is running kinda slow. Maybe its just early software since its
    pre-production hardware.

  • Fletcherismine 2 years ago

    @lianglqufo but WAY better than ipad