Added by on October 26, 2014

ViewSonic claim to have launched the “world’s first dual boot tablet.” The ViewPad 10 runs both Android 1.6 & Windows 7. It will be available for £499 availa…

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  • loserareyou 3 years ago

    You can uptate to 2.2 for long time now

  • bigpotplant 3 years ago

    I was running ice cream sandwich on this pad today.

  • jhoespuerkid 3 years ago

    @MAtloi as what it say, its supports 1.6 so far, so why would they use
    other versions??? duh…

  • NamelessStrang3r 3 years ago

    @MAtloi Its a tablet lol not a laptop Think about battery life, etc

  • romes2dam 3 years ago

    wish they used android 2.2