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A review of the ‘VegaBean’ custom ROM for the Advent Vega and other similar Android tablets. A very responsive and enjoyable ROM to use. Please leave a comment if you are interested in a tutorial…


Advent Vega Tegra


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  • sobbysock11 2 years ago

    @mark1beth2 Glad to hear you have your update up and running! I would use
    the apex launcher, as it provides more customisability in terms of
    transition effects, and a dock but it’s up to you. Let me know how you get
    on with the update and what you think of it!

  • MrYarg61 2 years ago

    Would love to see an install tutorial. Your review of VegaBean was excellent

  • sobbysock11 2 years ago

    @ Jerry KeN

  • DevenThorius The 3RD 2 years ago

    awesome rom i just took a break from my viewsonic viewpad 10s and now im
    gonna instal this rom thanks for this review

  • sobbysock11 2 years ago

    @Jerry Keane If the hard drive works in previous builds of android that you
    are running on the advent vega, then I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

  • sobbysock11 2 years ago

    @MrYarg61 No problem, will upload one soon.

  • Rastafarianppl 2 years ago

    wich rom do u use?

  • sobbysock11 2 years ago

    @itzzkam yep just tested it. Outputs fully with sound. Be sure to watch my
    installation tutorial!!!

  • Jerry Keane 2 years ago

    hi, im just wondering does the usb drive work in this update, will it
    recognize a hard drive and play movies from it? any help would be great,

  • motorbike guy57 2 years ago

    does the hdmi output work? and does it output fully

  • sobbysock11 2 years ago

    Hi. Will upload a tutorial showing the steps and the programs required this

  • sobbysock11 2 years ago

    @Rastafarianppl Hi. for this update I used tye VegaBean beta 6 rom. I think
    it’s available on Modaco.

  • shane henry 2 years ago

    Great review sobby just going to have a look at the install vid had mine 3
    days and need to get sruck into it