Added by on September 22, 2014 Though its features are basic, the little 7-inch tablet is running full Windows 8.1 and at $120 is reasonably priced, too.

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  • boypula 3 years ago

    Im not familiar with windows tablets so can anyone please answer me if this
    can run true pc applications or is this like an ipad which runs regular

  • delightfulsunny 3 years ago

    I will pay $20 more if they can fit in extra micro USB and microHDMI port

  • Razor2048 3 years ago

    Would love if the editor could respond. Have you tested it with the steam
    game streaming service? It would be interesting to see if it can handle
    that smoothly for more slower paced games.

  • Saugat Poudel 3 years ago

    only $99 . Specs????

  • Alangar Manickam 3 years ago

    Is this Windows RT or the regular PRO OS ?

  • Will Bad 3 years ago

    “All those windows apps” -_-

  • aram442 3 years ago

    Its really cool that full windows runs on such a small device. But the
    tablet is kinda thick

  • Nyzma Kumala 3 years ago

    Wut $120 full win 8 tablet i gotta buy that for me and my dad

  • MrOnlyforcommenting 3 years ago

    where can i get it …its so cheap..omg
    i rmb paying tab 2 for 500 bucks and its probably the worst tab i use evar

  • ANDROiD_eKa 3 years ago

    Oh I so want this for the price, need a portable method of ripping CD’s
    with EAC and this will do also good to play some Command & Conquer Classics

  • nurbsenvi 3 years ago

    Come on this shits all over android bullshit.

  • mohammed burn 3 years ago

    loven it

  • Christian Ortega 3 years ago

    it is super cheap

  • Sean Kiefer 3 years ago

    I wonder if he’s related to Mikasa.

  • MYMAP 3 years ago

    東芝 Encore™ Mini Tablet

    OS:Windows 8.1、価格:約120ドル


  • Dan Tucker 3 years ago

    1024×600 can’t be right… 1024×768 is the minimum requirement to run the
    Windows 8 apps…. 

  • Purple cyclist 97 3 years ago

    Im getting it this Christmas end of story 119$ is quite the deal

  • ignasp1 3 years ago

    @Razor2048 I can confirm it handles 2 d games just fine. Also all the PC
    classics – heroes 3, etc.

  • Dan Dela Cruz 3 years ago

    wow! now, that’s going to sell for sure! Where can i get one?

  • inboxnews 3 years ago

    Full Windows Tablet for $99

  • zeroylalus 3 years ago
  • RAT BURL 3 years ago


  • ignasp1 3 years ago

    @Alangar Manickam Pro