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  • hotpointking 3 years ago

    Hi there i wonder if you could help me. I got the same windows toshiba
    tablet for my birthday on the first of may just over 2 months ago. I’m
    having problems with it the web cam has been removed on it somehow and i
    don’t know how it happened now i can’t take any pictures on the tablet
    because the webcam has been removed. Also the memory is almost full there
    is only a couple of things on it and the hard drive is full. So I was
    wondering if you knew how to make the memory less full and how do i install
    the webcam back in?

  • Evas Kikriki 3 years ago

    Ovako nesto za Bozic pod drvce :)

  • juffurey 3 years ago

    why is the title in English if the review is not?

  • 3 years ago