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In this video I unbox and set up an adorable Windows Tablet, the Toshiba Encore Mini. They’re so cute when they’re little! I show you what comes in the box a…

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  • Andrew Sheehan Jr 2 years ago

    I just ordered one last night from Microsoft. I only plan on using it for
    office work and some browsing while I’m away from my desktop. How are you
    able to to back up the partitions and what size USB drive do you need?
    Can’t wait for the other video. Thanks! ;)

  • solobackpacking 2 years ago

    Tripod… they are cheap.

  • Ismael Massa 2 years ago

    thanks for awnsering Todd klindt I was pretty happy for a while, thanks for
    u’r need it advice, excused me sir, but after charging it, weird, sorry but
    now it’s completely dead, here is what done so far, I notice that
    after unpluging an used usb port, it makes a soundto let u know that the
    device is off, right, well whenever I plug my encore mini, it doesn’t do
    anything. Does this means is the inside connection problem?

  • Unan1mouz 2 years ago

    Yes 7″ tablets are cute! You are one of the few that owns & make a video
    about the Encore Mini on Youtube… Cant wait for your next video! Please
    test how is the performance with your daily usage.. How much memory is left
    after you install the provided Office software and also how the 1GB holds
    up when you run 2-3 desktop programs. Such scenario is like you’re editing
    an Office document, you’re browsing the internet and you open a internet
    radio streaming app. Also compare the size with your Dell Venue 8 Pro! I
    want to see how small this device is… I am really tempted to own one IF
    it is useable cz the idea of always having a real PC on your bag is really
    awesome as you might not know when you need to do emergency work on the go.

  • Ismael Massa 2 years ago

    now that I’ve used this device, I have noticed that is comsuming too much
    battery. Can u please recomend a few tricks on how to prevent this from
    happening. and thanks in advance

  • Ismael Massa 2 years ago

    thanks for the presentation, now I did buy the so call lil devil

  • Todd Klindt 2 years ago