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  • 3 years ago
  • kotangkoling ambotlang 3 years ago

    does it have 3g capablity?

  • Ed Law 3 years ago

    I fucking hate toshiba. >:(

  • Brandon Crabtree 3 years ago

    How much free space is their with all of the updates and office 365?

  • Bill Reinehr 3 years ago

    At that price, it doesn’t have to be very good. Your thoughts on the
    resolution would be helpful. Can one print to a wireless printer (like real
    windows)? Thanks. Looks like fun.

  • James Downey 3 years ago


  • ammanerz 3 years ago

    thats nuts. for $120?
    Even if its not that powerful, if its enough to surf, write documents, and
    watch/stream videos that could be huge for the push of tablets in
    education, and regular folks. (although maybe having fully functioning
    windows would be a double edged sword).

  • iTechUOutGuy 3 years ago

    Yes we need a first impression and review video on this. I just cant
    believe there be Windows tablets on 7 inches running full Windows.

  • Jeck Galang 3 years ago

    No usb port? Is it availabe here in winnipeg already? Hows the display god
    this is so powerful in its price

  • Sam Nicko 3 years ago