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Today only, get a Toshiba Encore Mini tablet, plus a 16GB microSD card for only $79 (save $40). Don’t wait – the first customers in each store get it for onl…

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  • Temblor 2 years ago

    Here is what “We” REALLY want for Christmas:
    1. To direct sync our Windows phone to our PC with Windows software (NOT be
    FORCED to Mother cloud)
    2. Bring back Multi player split screens where you can bring guests online
    or play offline with your family or friends with options on your consoles,
    not FORCED to Xbox live.
    3. Do not remove Hard drives from PC’s & FORCE us to Mother Cloud.
    Many of us want our Data in our homes.. not in a cloud.
    In short we want freedom and options. Not being conformed to your way or NO

    Be careful of greed for control MS people… The Christmas season is about
    Sharing.. kinda of like “Shareware.. “Freeware” This is your new way to
    Read our Constitution and Declaration.. understad Liberty.. embrace it and
    support it.
    You can not have liberty without privacy. You can lose your Liberty to a
    Political Party or a Corporation.
    From We the people.. (& in Seattle)

  • CorreyHope Kustin 2 years ago

    oh my! would be thrilled to get this!

  • Microsoft Store 2 years ago