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  • Erin Epps 3 years ago

    How high can you expand the storage?

  • Christos5120 3 years ago

    Another Microsoft mistake…

  • MrEzra710 3 years ago

    Thanks. Looking forward to the review of the Big Brother to this one. Maybe
    it will give the Dell Venue Pro 8 a run for it’s money with some sort of
    active digitizer?

  • mossimen 3 years ago

    A pretty good deal

  • Athos Krul 3 years ago


  • 3 years ago
  • jonwilli0203 3 years ago

    Cracked my Lenovo Miix 2.8 screen, which I absolutely love, think this
    comparable replacement?

  • Jeck Galang 3 years ago

    Cheaper than iPod touch (16gb) FUCK Apple

  • Craal Eternal 3 years ago

    uve just lost any credibility u had by declaring this an “OK display”. It
    is MISERABLE. Dim, washed out and with dead pixels. Ur name should be
    “Moron at work”

  • CorkKNIFE 3 years ago

    You asked for questions. Can we get a close up view of the screen with
    static text, text while scrolling, etc (Excel or Word document) as this is
    the main complaint found in other reviews for this tablet?

  • Brandon Crabtree 3 years ago

    I just got mine in the mail the other day, I actually cant believe what
    this thing is capable of, I just wanted something for revisions for on the
    go college work, but this thing can also run dream weaver and help be sign
    invoices for my PC repair business, I think this is great, It does really
    well with OCR as well even thought the cameras are terrible. I think it be
    great for a college kid on a tight budget.

  • FullMetalJJC93 3 years ago

    has anyone had any problems with the buttons. i just got this tablet and
    the power and volume buttons only want to work half the time 

  • CorkKNIFE 3 years ago

    Best Encore Mini review on the web!