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Here is a first look at the Toshiba Encore Mini. I try to show you the hard drive space after updates and a few more things about the tablet while Windows is…

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  • Wildson Caldeira 3 years ago

    Hey, David.. for what are you going to use this Toshiba Encore Mini? Ebook
    reader? Remote Control? Tell me more…

  • David McCabe 3 years ago
  • stephen brader 3 years ago

    You should have the camera closer to the device/lower brightness so the
    screen can be seen better

  • Jean Morin 3 years ago

    Y still using my Electrovaya SC800 Scribbler Tablet PC (866-MHz Pentium
    III-M, 768 MB RAM,
    60-7200 GB Hard Drive), 10 inch, pen tablet,
    Whitt the 10 years old, the batteries still last around 3-4 h. from 11 h
    batteries Ok 4 pound,
    A bit hard to instal windows 7 at first, y dictate this txt vocally on it.
    Evereday y read a ebook,
    in french, english,italian, german or spanish Whit the MSreader, just said
    Lread or Rstop.
    All in audio, if the mini Can Works the same, why not.
    Gosh y paid 2500$ for the Electrovaya, even a toshiba mini a years, at 120$
    that a steal.

  • Javier Costilla 3 years ago

    That device looks like a piece of shit

  • John Wiskowski 3 years ago

    Great video Dave. The Encore 2 8 did not have any of that on the taskbar.
    Same pre-loaded ModernUI apps.

  • Andre Ferreira 3 years ago

    Great video David. How is the battery life?

  • chris gault 3 years ago

    i hope you can just unpin the toshiba stuff from the taskbar

  • T'he NetAvenger 3 years ago

    Tip for the reviewer David McCabe…

    Instead of [long pressing] the icons on the taskbar for a [right click],
    you can touch/click and slide your finger/mouse off the taskbar. This
    brings up the Right Click Menu and is faster and more intuitive.

    This was introduced back in Windows 7 for touch screen users and is a lot
    faster and easier than doing the [long press] to right click icons on the

    Thanks for the review.