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The Toshiba Encore 2 Write was just unveiled at CES last week and I already got my hands on one! I have the 8 inch version and I am already impressed. After …

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  • Hussein Barakat 2 years ago

    Can you check if Truenote can import pages from Powerpoint, PDF, word etc.
    I would like to skribble on teachers lecture presentations/hand outs while
    in class without printing them out. Also check if it’s possible to add a
    page in between pages (something has 50 pages and I would like to add a
    blank page (or other page) somewhere in the middle for more comments about
    the previous page/chapter).
    Thanks in advance!
    PS! Does it fit in a scrub/labcoat pocket?

  • Lar deSouza 2 years ago

    As a digital illustrator this tablet really interests me and my friends,
    especially those of us who like to work remotely and have to carry
    something like a Surface Pro or Cintiq Companion. I have the Samsung Note
    10.1 as well but it’s Android and there are few good art apps for that OS.
    Can this run Clip Studio/Manga Studio? If it can, Toshiba is going to sell
    a BUNCH of them to illustrators, starting with me. Here is a link to the
    program I’m interested in seeing tested if you can. 

  • Ali Alqushery 2 years ago

    I was impressed with the feature of the Trunote app , but sadly I can’t
    replace onenote because it sync across platform . what about the other
    TruCapture app can it integrate with Onenote (like if I can scan s paper
    and then clean it up and then insert it in Onenote or save it as a normal
    picture or PDF )

    I ordered the device for my brother and it should arrive soon , I was the
    most disappointed with the lack of accessories (I couldn’t even find a
    tempered glass screen protector or a good case with a handle ) 

  • José Aquilino 2 years ago

    wheres the review?

  • Paul Kent 2 years ago

    What I would really like to see in the full video review of this device is
    how the stylus performs on the edges of the screen and what the parallax
    effect is like – ie the point at which the tip touches the screen and the
    spot where the ink actually appears. I find this is the most annoying part
    of the stylus experience on most devices with a stylus. The Surface Pro 3
    seems to have a very small parallax error and seems to be the best one I’ve
    tried so far. If you can demo a comparison between the Encore 2 Write and
    the Surface Pro 3 on stylus performance that would be great really nice.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Olga Santin 2 years ago

    Hi, Can you review the “wrist protection” on this device while taking
    notes, like, can you rest your side hand and wrist like on a real

  • Curtis Anderson 2 years ago

    Thank you for this video. I am looking forward to the full review. Can you
    show how One Note and Sketchbook for tablet work on this device. Again,
    thanks for the video and I will be sure the subscribe.

  • Art Jam with Keelan and Ted! 2 years ago

    I’d love to know how it works with Clip Studio/ Manga Studio. I’m a
    professional cartoonist and am looking for a truly portable drawing device
    with pressure sensitivity ( I have a Cintiq Companion, btw, and it’s a bit
    too big to be TRULY portable ).

  • Mariano Perez 2 years ago

    Can you use the full onenote 2013 application and write the way you would
    in a class. I want to see how good the palm rejection is. Also, can you
    open up a big pdf file using a full desktop pdf reader (not the marketplace
    apps). Thank you :)

  • asdfxuiop 2 years ago

    looking forward to the review. I wonder if this is basically the same
    tablet as the encore 2? I was in best buy the other day and wasn’t all that
    impressed with the screen on it, hopefully this one is better.

    Btw, a good program to test would be Krita. It’s a great free painting app
    similar to photoshop.

  • HeyBuddays 2 years ago

    Is the review still in the works?

  • Rick Mansfield 2 years ago

    I got this tablet a few days ago and find it to be fantastic. However, I
    can’t find any kind of folio-style cover that doesn’t obscure the slot
    where the pen clips to the side. Have you found anything? Neither Toshiba’s
    own covers nor any 3rd party cover I’ve found will allow the pen to be
    clipped to the side.

  • Jesse Cutts 2 years ago

    I’m very interested in this device and thank you for the unboxing!
    Can you test photoshop and Zbrush?
    I do 3d Art for a living and I would love to see if this could handle it.

  • guranad0 2 years ago

    can this tablet handle art softwares? paint tool sai, manga studio,

  • gadgetstop321 2 years ago

    Does the stylus work as good as the Galaxy Note S Pen?

  • Magnus Dahl 2 years ago

    please test sketchbook pro 7 and krita painting program. Since there are
    free versions of both programs. It a deal breaker for me I been looking for
    good tablet with a pen for long time. Since I live in smaller town I can’t
    go the local store and test it out. I am looking forward for a full review.
    Here is address for Krita program

  • Micah Thomas 2 years ago

    Hey would be awesome if you can check if True Note has import functionality
    for files like PDFs, PowerPoint or Word documents to annotate on.

  • Andreas Lutsch 2 years ago

    Please test some drawing software like Photoshop, Sketchbook or Gimp

  • nrzbstory 2 years ago

    Can you compare MS OneNote and TruNote? Wondering how the writing
    sensitivity would be like for non-Toshiba apps. Looking forward to this!

  • Hecarim 2 years ago

    Oh man, I can’t wait for the indepth review. :>