Added by on January 13, 2015

We get a tour of Toshiba’s new Encore 2 Write tablet, available in 8 or 10 inch versions. Focusing on drawing and writing, the Encore 2 is a well priced and …

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  • 0M9H4X 2 years ago

    That pen technology really does look impressive. Wish more manufacturers
    would figure it out as well as Toshiba. Too bad it’s apparently not FullHD

  • mcrazza 2 years ago

    It’s a real shame that Toshiba stuck with the same 1280×800 resolution for
    the 10″ version as last year’s model. It’s 2015, 10″ tablets should be
    bigger than 1280×800.

  • DWIGHT MONEY 2 years ago

    Might have to get that!

  • Apple4Android 2 years ago

    Nice tab from Toshiba 

  • Eric Magana 2 years ago

    Looks way better than the first gen

  • Arvid B. 2 years ago

    Quite cool actually!

  • Jin Not Jim 2 years ago

    Does this feature palm rejection?

  • guranad0 2 years ago

    Wish it’s geared more for drawing as well.. Hard to find

  • polychronio 2 years ago

    Too expensive…..

  • javan miller 2 years ago

    I would like to see this tech in the next 1520 phablet..along with some
    split screen multitasking…like the Note, only better. Don’t just want
    another BIG FLUFF PHONE…

  • mohamed shifan 2 years ago

    Pricing is great too

  • bsnarm 2 years ago

    v cool

  • Areeb Ahmed 2 years ago