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Toshiba launched their new “Encore 2 Write” low cost Windows 8.1 tablet with active pen at CES 2015. It features the new Wacom “Active ES” digitizer technolo…

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  • Shogmaster 2 years ago

    Compared to other active pen units, it is low cost. If you want to finger
    paint with $100 tablets, go play with them elsewhere. 

  • ParaParagon 2 years ago

    Thanks Shogmaster for showcasing.
    Might be interesting for students wanting to take notes
    Not even touching on resolution etc, but with 2gb of ram heavier graphic
    work is very far from optimal.
    I think the Surface Pro 3 and the Cintiq 13 Are the best portable solutions
    on the market at the moment.

  • guranad0 2 years ago

    Wow that initial blob would suck for drawing… Maybe it’s possible to turn
    on only pen input so it doesn’t get confused? Also I see there’s some
    straight stroke jumps at the end.. How’s the detection on the screen edges?
    I want to compare this with vivotab note 8

  • Timothy17Fan 2 years ago

    So a $400 tablet is low cost? I think not.

  • Raymond Tan 2 years ago

    Excellent review as always, thanks.