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Mike Elgan reviews the Toshiba Encore 2 Tablet. For the full episode, visit

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  • Rishav Gandhar Narzary 3 years ago

    Desktop in windows 8 is an app- that is present in this model also- I even
    could see the small tile of the desktop app at the low right corner of the
    device. If you touch that app then the full desktop screen will blow up.
    The person who is reviewing knows nothing about windows 8.

  • David Norman 3 years ago

    who cares if they missed that it has a desktop….honestly MS screwed up
    with W8, rt, w8 pro nomenclature and this is the problem real people have
    as well.

    they hit on the things that are important to this specific tablet vs
    anyother w8 tablet

  • Yacheng Moua 3 years ago

    how do these guys have their jobs -_-

  • Glenn Blinckmann 3 years ago

    @RishavGandharNarzary – yeah, it just isn’t that hard to get it right.

  • The_HBK_23 3 years ago

    I said it before, why are these guys coming in with reviews and being so
    uninformed? The desktop tile is right there! How is that something you
    don’t check? Stop paying these guys if they are not gonna do their job and
    misinform people.