Added by on December 26, 2014

Hey guys, this my video on what i have thought about the Toshiba tablet so far. Please leave a comment below.

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  • Arctic 3 years ago

    The 1gb of ram is a little concerning so I have some questions. Is split
    screen app multitasking and the desktop multitasking workable on this?

    edit: It choked on itunes so my hopes have went down a little. I really
    think squeezing in an extra gig of ram and just adding $20 to the price
    would have made a world of a difference.

  • TheCrazygoodcuber 3 years ago

    Doese it run steam? Ik it’s only 1gb ram but still 

  • iTechUOutGuy 3 years ago


  • Hip Hop Manga 3 years ago

    great video …this might be a stupid question,but does this have photoshop
    and wacom stylus on it.

  • BLUExEYEDxSLICKT 3 years ago

    Can this do multi user sign in? Can you have different profiles on this? Or
    are you stuck with only being allowed to use one profile? Different user
    sign in like my kids having their own and so forth so their not messing
    with mine is what Im saying. 

  • iTechUOutGuy 3 years ago