Added by on February 21, 2015 for the full Toshiba Encore 2 8 review. In this demo you’ll see some Windows 8 RT games being played and I comment on desktop gaming…

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  • WikiPro21 2 years ago

    OMG But play Steam Games, Not Android :/

  • Peprita Heart 2 years ago

    Please post a link when the review becomes available.

  • Sonya Pina 2 years ago

    Just an FYI they do make it with 2 gigs of ram and 64 of hdd

  • Ka Kin Cheung 2 years ago

    graphics intensive??
    App store games are ported from mobile….
    (some of the worse ones are just new gen web games)
    When people watch review of gaming on specific device, most viewers expect
    PC games testing…

    Yes, it maybe laggy, incompatible or simply won’t run, but at least we can
    get some perspective on the device.

    Watched the video… and basically learnt nothing about the real gaming
    capabilities of this device.

    If you don’t have games, then just do a normal overall review of the unit.

  • MadavTV 2 years ago

    Very lame! Download a few Steam games and see if they will run. Doubtful
    with only 1GB of RAM…how stupid is Toshiba to put out a less powerful
    device and have the gall to call it the Encore 2! Should be called the
    Toshiba Anemic Pointless

  • Steel - Heart 2 years ago

    are u using built in speaker or seperate home theater ?