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In this video I round up the best cases for the Sony Xperia Z Tablet. Please like, comment and subscribe! Cases available here:…

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  • Olivier Schneider 3 years ago

    is one of these cases comptible with charging on the “official” docking

  • neeraj sharma 3 years ago

    Don’t use a case for any phone or tablet
    To hide it’s natural beauty!!!

  • Lawrence Burroughs 3 years ago

    I’m not sure whether it is available everywhere, but I recently purchased
    the Poetic Slim case and it is a wonderful option as well.It add very
    little bulk or weight and utilizes the magnetic on/off feature of the
    Xperia Tablet Z. It may just make your top 5 if you are able to get your
    hands on one. They are roughly $16.00 on here in the United
    States with free shipping if you are a Prime member.

  • Jeremiah Saemo 3 years ago


  • n7pixel 3 years ago

    Ah, a hand strap for using your tablet as a shield! En Garde!

  • Justin Riesbeck 3 years ago

    What would you say is the best iphone 5s case that showcases the phones

  • Erik David-Lukas 3 years ago

    Watched this on a Sony xperia tablet lol

  • Kyle Goode 3 years ago

    Showcases the iPhone 5s looks? It look like the 4s. There is no difference
    from iPhone to iPhone looks. Just Saying…