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We take a look at a oldie but a goodie with the Blackberry playbook. This was a innovative product from blackberry but may have been too late. What are your …

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  • ROBERT CASTILLO 3 years ago

    This was a cool device, but if you didn’t have a black berry you didn’t
    take full advantage of the playbook. Unlike the iPad which was made for
    everyone,I think the hp slate was probably the best thing out back then
    plus the dual boot web os and android was a plus .. Great throwback review

  • Vaughn Aimable 3 years ago

    I always said so… They really overpriced it. 

  • Mark Whalley Jr 3 years ago

    you do not need to peel the back off.. I had mine turn off for over 4
    months, misplaced it in a move. All I did was plug it into the charger that
    came with the tablet over night. Woke up and it was working just fine.

  • anti cherry 3 years ago

    Ahhh i poved the playbook

  • Dominic Parkhurst 3 years ago

    I really liked the music player of this device. It was great. The camera
    was also good. 

  • Siddhesh Sawant 3 years ago

    Can we play games like asphalt 8 , fifa 15 in blackberry play book ? Does
    it supports whats app ?? I want a tab for gaming , is it a perfect tab for
    me ?

  • Yossi Akselrud 3 years ago

    Bridge mode was really cool! 

  • Gregg H 3 years ago

    The dual microphones on the Playbook are some of the best quality for any
    tablet. Makes a great digital audio recorder.

  • Dan Driscoll 3 years ago

    I remember when this launched at Best Buy and it was a hot seller for
    blackberry smartphone users, the only problem was android was taking over
    the smartphone market, they only had the storm touchscreen phone at the
    time and I think that hurt them. Aside from that we all know that Apple has
    the marketing game down. 

  • GEEZA1501 3 years ago

    Still use one today got a 64 gb from pc world £30.00 year ago excellent
    media device.