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The perfect present! Have you made the smart choice? The ASUS MeMO Pad packs powerful performance for a bargain! ASUS MeMO Pad comes with best-in-class perfo…


Asus Memo Pad


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  • FreakyShirley 2 years ago

    This should rated one of the best Commercial of the year 2014.

  • victorMD11 2 years ago

    Ok, I like the idea of the comercial, it’s funny, and of course the memo
    pad series are amazing, but they should have pick people with better acting
    skills. Anyways, merry early christmas everyone. :D

  • Uglee Sweater 2 years ago

    Hey homeh. XD

    ROFL. Cute.

    He’s playing Witcher 3?

  • ACviaME 2 years ago

    Amused by the best commercial ever comments. Really? It appears to be
    produced by eighth graders. 

  • iPhone Astuces PC 2 years ago

    wtf a samsung tablet ?

  • จีระชัย เจริญสมบัติ 2 years ago


  • Jamesteve T. 2 years ago

    The white tablet look alike galaxy tab 4 7″?…Asus and Sammi brand
    products both are great devises i’m using them now… even apple… all got
    their pros and cons areas….for the promo video this is the best video
    ever 🙂 

  • namon2345 2 years ago

    Please put cyanogen mod 12 on memo pad series.That is great gift.

  • Anthony Algabre 2 years ago

    What tablet is the white one?

  • hrcd14 2 years ago

    Will have this tablet android lollipop?

  • Ethan Han 2 years ago

    LoL… Great commercial!

  • FlipermanRog 2 years ago

    The best advertising i seen this Christmas :D

  • John Caddell 2 years ago

    someone please tell me what game they played?

  • Leslie Lin 2 years ago

    haha….the fake one…

  • X Blocky 2 years ago

    Asus hate Samsung lol

  • Febri abit 2 years ago

    Hahaha…funny :-D

  • Allen Chen 2 years ago

    FUNNY ONE………………

  • Eugene Yap 2 years ago

    Samsung burnnnnnnnnnnn XD

  • Rapisu Grut 2 years ago


  • gojukucho 2 years ago


  • TMM8888 2 years ago


  • Rudy Hizkia 2 years ago

    mauuuuu XD

  • Simone Charles 2 years ago


  • superlin2006 2 years ago


  • Janna Svart 2 years ago