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Will and Norm sit down to discuss the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3. We compare it to previous Surface Pro devices and how it fares as both a laptop and tablet…

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  • Granite 3 years ago

    too expensive for me..

  • Tested 3 years ago

    Our review and discussion of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3!

  • Darkion 3 years ago

    Can you send me the Surface Pro 1 if you don’t want it? e.e I don’t have

  • Savos Aren 3 years ago

    Chrome is really bad for touchscreens. For a company that has a touchscreen
    on their flagship Chromebook (pixel), they need MUCH better support for

  • Kenneth Donnelly 3 years ago

    its soooo over priced for what it is…..its like they saw how much Apple
    products go for and thought lets get in on this…….but its way over
    priced you can buy a decent spec laptop for the same money and my Samsung
    Note 10.1 204 edition does about the same and its costs half the price.

  • Irene Arlet 3 years ago

    m a college student and have owned an iMac for 5 years and a MacBook Air
    for 2. I currently have an iPad 2 which I carry alongside my MBA since i
    can use my stylus to take notes on my iPad and they transport directly into
    my MBA with the Notability app. My iPad has served me well but its killing
    my back since its almost as heavy as my MBA so i was thinking if i should
    get an iPad air for 450 or a Surface pro for about 6-700. I can use windows
    fairly well even though all my products are apple. I love the idea of being
    able to take notes and have a full blast PC capable of playing video games
    all in one (although i currently league perfectly on my MBA). What do you
    think i should do? How has your experience been with the SP2?

  • Ryan DeClue 3 years ago

    Desperately wanted to purchase an i7 model until they mentioned various
    real world issues, specifically the thermal and gaming issues.
    Any device this expensive should be able to play games at 60+ fps, and be
    able to do so without ever getting hot. 

  • DSD Movies 3 years ago

    Seems like MS are actually getting closer towards making a convincing
    argument for why the Surface should exist, although, the ultrabooks still
    seem better.

  • icestationzebra 3 years ago

    I like how Will raises a question that tries to make Microsoft look stupid,
    and then Norm gives a completely rational answer that makes perfect sense.
    Will – “I don’t understand why they’d sell this without the keyboard
    Norm – “So they can sell it for $800 for the base model”

  • reptilebeats 3 years ago

    quick question. when the type cover is folded around to the back can the
    keys still be pressed

  • Matt in the Crown 3 years ago

    $1,300? Ouch!

  • slannmage 3 years ago

    Way too expensive, the 256gb is really the one you NEED since it is x86
    Windows and that is like £1100……………

    Can get a Laptop for £300… what this needs to compete with. 

  • WeAreGRID 3 years ago

    Yeah no, 1500$ for a laptablet? nooo way jose! sorry, im just used to my PC
    master race, and if i spent that much on another device, i could throw a
    new motherboard, twice as much ram, a new hard drive, and two new graphics
    cards in my current device for that much haha

  • Ghostrider03z 3 years ago

    Holy crap they must have been drilled on bias or something from viewers…i
    never thought they were bad, just trying to answer questions people might

  • Fulbring 3 years ago

    Im thinking of getting this. Can I replace the SSD on the Surface Pro 3?

  • Slabb Ster 3 years ago

    Only 200 gigs of hard drive space and what if you dont have a wifi
    connection at home. Is it ethernet modem compatible. Im thinking this
    looks way overpriced for basically a tablet.

  • Etienne Bonanno 3 years ago

    N-trig? Yuck. Turned me off right there.

  • darek4488 3 years ago

    I can do everything Norm did on my Samsung Note 10.1 with extremely long
    battery life, GPS navigation, phone and all awesome Android features.
    However I like that Microsoft tries.

  • day3002 3 years ago

    wouldnt be easier to buy 13 inch VAIO?

  • Henry T 3 years ago

    300th viewer

  • shawn manning 3 years ago

    You could just flip the surface over if you bump the windows key with your
    hand, the screen will rotate no matter what orientation you have it in. 

  • hadron89 3 years ago

    I really don’t get why people buy these. If you do a lot on the laptop
    (like graphic design etc) you’d want a proper laptop with a good screen. If
    you do less demanding things like typing, you’d want a proper laptop with a
    good keyboard. If you want to browse a little, maybe some casual games,
    you’d want a tablet for ease of use.

    Then again if you work a lot on a computer and you don’t need it to be
    mobile, OBVIOUSLY desktop trumps all.

    If you own one, and you love it, can you explain me why? What is the
    benefit of a floppy detachable keyboard?

  • Derrick Williams 3 years ago

    It’s getting to the point where I can’t watch any of the tested videos
    where Will is a major contributor. His hyperactive energy grates on my
    nerves. Norm is a better presenter and tends to be more knowledgeable as
    well. Will starts off by saying he is going to ask questions as an unbiased
    party to help get Norm’s opinion of the product. He proceeds to comment on
    each and every thing Norm says. When there is an actual question, it’s
    often presented as if he knows the product or can guess at answers.
    Annoying. If you don’t know, don’t infer. Listen, digest, and ask good
    questions. Give Norm time to answer and shut the hell up. 

  • AllenJ137 3 years ago

    This should be good.

  • Jake Abel 3 years ago

    The fact it starts slowing after little less then an hour on high
    performance tasks kills it for me. Anyone else?

  • Luis González-Conrad 3 years ago

    Dude who are you kidding! Only took me one minute to now you hate Microsoft
    and their products. You are the last person to give an unbiased opinion. 

  • VystreloK 3 years ago

    your not supposed to carry around your laptop like that. It bends the
    internals and can very easily reduce the life of a spinning hard drive in
    the laptop

  • 0tispunkm3y3r 3 years ago

    Doesn’t chrome trash the battery life? or have they fixed that now? How is

  • Nana Lartey 3 years ago

    I feel for that kind of price you may as well overspend on a macbook. F it

  • Edsel Malasig 3 years ago

    does it have mic in and audio out?

  • qpopuiuzmnmb 3 years ago

    The fact that you two had to cover your arses with the ‘unbiased!’ warning,
    unlike EVERY OTHER reviewer on youtube is pretty revealing. I shall let the
    underworld of youtube decide what this reveals about this video,

  • FergyA820 3 years ago

    2560×1440 is 16:9, not 3:2…

  • LightningMotionshot 3 years ago

    Why is it only useful to clip a screen for web development? I use OneNote
    Clipper in the browser (and will switch to the double tap on the stylus
    button once my SP3 arrives) to clip all sorts of interesting things.

  • HTHAMMACK1 3 years ago

    The red-headed idiot is just a laughable Microsoft hater. He is so stupid.
    Neither one of these guys is all that good at talking about these products.
    The Asian guy at times looks like he doesn’t know what he’s doing, but
    that’s probably because he’s got the scaling turned way down and trying to
    use the desktop with his fingers instead of the pen.

  • Reasonable Fan 3 years ago

    I hardly ever use the keyboard cover on my. I prefer using the
    “dual-thumb” onscreen keyboard. Using a Bluetooth mouse spares the USB
    drive if you need it. I do love using this for photo editing as the screen
    is gorgeous and accurate. I’ll process maybe up to 100 raw photos at a
    time in lightroom and didn’t notice the slowdown that was mentioned. I
    actually hardly ever use the kickstand, I just hold it like a book or
    notepad. Scaling for many things is small though, but the screen is so
    clear its not really a problem.