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Jerry has a look at the new 7-inch Tegra Note from Nvidia.


Advent Vega Tegra


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  • steph wanamaker 3 years ago

    via +A Gonzalez 

  • Ace Wong 3 years ago

    The screen is very blur and my eyes going to pop out!

  • ToonFightFan 3 years ago

    Got this for 99.99 a few days ago. I feel like I owe Nvidea money! So good.
    Would have paid double and been happy with the purchase.

    (offer available in currys/pc world in the uk)

  • PARADOX981 3 years ago

    the only problem I have with this tablet is that I cant delete any files
    because of the Kit Kat update

  • Adam N 3 years ago

    Question: is this a Bluetooth controller? does it need to stick any
    receiver into the tablet?

  • SneakyJoe's Яussian salad 3 years ago

    In the second half of video I was sitting with my head angled like –> °

    Next time position the tablet better.

  • PC2youGerman 3 years ago

    Can i use my standard xbox 360 wireless controller with the tablet?

  • david cassoday 3 years ago

    I bought the HP Slate 8 Pro because of the higher resolution, bigger screen
    size, and 4:3 ratio. It is powered by the Tegra 4 chip like the Tegra Note
    7 from EVGA but it doesn’t come with a stylus, there are no Nvidia drawing
    or note taking apps pre-installed, and from my testing both DirectStylus
    and DirectTouch don’t seem to be functioning. I thought these were features
    of Tegra 4 and not Nvidia’s reference Note device line of products. Can
    anyone shed some light on this for me?

    #Nvidia #Tegra4 #DirectStylus #DirectTouch +NVIDIA +HP #HP

  • Derek Davison 3 years ago

    What a lot of people do not realise is the big magnet in the back which
    will hold this device to a metal surface quite securaly 

  • david cassoday 3 years ago

    Who is handling the Android updates? Do they come from Nvidia or EVGA?

    Would this hold true for the HP Slate 7 Extreme as well?

  • Varun Dewan 3 years ago

    AND we never know when Xolo’s gonna come out with it…
    So, I’m probably going for N7 2013!!!

  • Shaun Nicholson 3 years ago

    excellent tablet for the money

  • Omran Al-kandari 3 years ago

    Ummm i think they need to work on the note gives you the feeling of
    a very basic note app , samsung on the other hand offer a lot on the s note
    which i use it every day , the tablet looks promising but i’m not going to
    buy a note tablet without a good note app .

  • Alexander Reddicks 3 years ago

    What does the soft button to the left of the back button do?

  • Nico Eekman 3 years ago

    Nice gear!

  • Ankit Gosar 3 years ago

    The specs are good…but i am very much confused between nexus 7 2013 and
    this one. Which one is best. The only thing which bothers me about this
    tablet is its 1gb ram. Is that sufficient or does it create any problems
    later like slow processing and lags in gameplay. And also how is the camera
    quality.? Please do reply..

  • CHOPPERGIRL AIRWAR 3 years ago

    The lower res screen and only 1gb ram seem like a deal killer. I like the
    back styling and the GPU though, microSD slot, and front facing speakers.
    Still, when 95% of what you do is webbrowing, a Tegra is a hard sell
    against a 2013 Nexus 7 with a higher res screen.

  • Ezam Shah 3 years ago

    nexus 7+Galaxy Note+HTC = Tegra Note 7. Pretty good haha

  • Pipo Pasta 3 years ago

    please draw a cock.

  • TheLandof420 3 years ago

    It’s scheduled to update to 4.3 next month, & 4.4 come January/February.
    Personally I welcome 4.3, but am hesitant to update to KitKat as it’s
    rumored to block one’s ability to root the device…..

  • synapticflow 3 years ago

    Can the tablet turn your handwriting into typed text?

  • gyozakeynsianism 3 years ago

    Almost no basic comparison to Samsung’s Note line. What gives? This review
    was almost useless. 

  • Sup Dawg 3 years ago

    I like it how people are complaining about the 1gb of ram, when it blazes
    through applications quicker than most tablets, probably faster than all
    the samsung tablets at the moment. Getting this for a xmas present, for
    price and performance it cant be beat.

  • Pier Galeone 3 years ago

    Nice, except for the 1GB RAM, I feel that decide nowadays struggle a bit
    with that much RAM. Definitely not future proof, anyhow. 

  • Ali Radhi 3 years ago

    استعراض جهاز Tegra Note الجديد
    #اندرويد #البحرين #العاب #قوقل 

  • Александр Марчук 3 years ago

    Tegra Note hands-on

    Tegra Note hands-on

  • Dan Severn 3 years ago

    Hunk of shit

  • Delores McEachern 3 years ago

    I like this & the price is great

  • chaitanya rishi 3 years ago

    Why didn’t you cover about its camera??? 

  • Andy King 3 years ago

    Tegra Note 7 !
    Siebenzoller mit Stylus im Hands-On-Video ! Allzu viele Geräte mit dem
    Anfang des Jahres unter großem Tamtam angekündigten Tegra 4-SoC hat es 2013
    nicht gegeben – selbst Nvidias eigene Gaming-Plattform Shield fand
    angeblich bei Konsumenten kaum Resonanz.

    Wo auch immer die Gründe dafür liegen mögen – Nvidia macht das Beste draus
    und bringt mit dem Tegra Note 7 nun ein Gerät im konservativeren Formfaktor
    aus eigener Herstellung auf den Markt: nämlich der 7 Zoll-Tablets. Ein
    erstes Hands-On und ein Testbericht aus den USA beleuchten nun, ob das
    Konzept aufgeht.

    Das Nvidia Tegra Note 7 ist portabel, gut verarbeitet, darüber hinaus mit
    einem Stylus ausgestattet und mit 200 Dollar recht günstig. Aber was hat
    das Tegra Note sonst noch so auf der Pfanne? Dieses Video gibt Aufschluss:

    Ein zum Video gehöriger Testbericht auf der US-Webseite Android Central
    klärt nun auf: das Gerät kann durchaus etwas. Ja, und das obwohl es „nur“
    HD-Auflösung bietet. Wer mit diesem Kompromiss leben kann, erhält ein recht
    gut verarbeitetes Gerät.

    Der Stylus besitzt zwei Programme zum Schreiben von Notizen und zum
    Zeichnen, jedoch ist die Software-Integration des Cyberstifts sonst eher
    rudimentär. Der Software-Purismus hat aber auch seine gute Seite, so ist
    ein nahezu naturbelassenes Android auf dem Gerät installiert – wenn auch in
    der mittlerweile etwas angegrauten Version 4.2.2.

    Das Display mag mit 1280 x 800 auch nicht allzu hoch auflösen – ist für
    einen Siebenzoller bei einer Pixeldichte von 215 ppi aber noch tragbar. Und
    die Leistung? Zum Tegra 4-SoC ist bekannt, dass er sich leistungsmäßig grob
    auf dem CPU-Niveau des Snapdragon 800 und dem GPU-Niveau des Snapdragopn
    600 einordnet – ausreichend Leistung ist also vorhanden.

    Ergänzt wird das durch 1 GB RAM, 16 GB internen Speicher nebst micro
    SD-Slot, einer 5 MP-Kamera auf der Rückseite, zwei potenten Lautsprechern
    an der Front und einen 4100 mAh-Akku. Praktisch ist der zusätzlich
    integrierte micro HDMI-Ausgang.

    Und dann ist da noch der Preis: Mit 200 Dollar ist das Tegra 4-Gerät
    geradezu unverschämt preiswert. Leider ist bislang noch nicht absehbar, ob
    und wenn ja, wann das Tegra Note auch nach Deutschland kommt. Interessant
    genug wäre es allemal.

    Käme das Tegra Note 7 bei einem Europa-Release in eure engere Tablet-Wahl?
    Meinungen in die Kommentare.

    Quelle: Android Central

  • Matt Gleason 3 years ago

    What’s up with all the heavy breathing?

  • Aaron Joshua Turrioni 3 years ago

    a 100% copy of the gnote they should have atleast give it there own name
    like tegra sticky note or something because the galaxy owns the note name

  • Toye Boy 3 years ago

    Android doesn’t need 2gb of ram

  • anil pk 3 years ago

    nice tab.value for the stylus…

  • Cenk Gokturk 3 years ago

    Samsung galaxy note 10.1 2014

  • Ender Guerrero 3 years ago

    Tegra Note hands-on

  • HARLEM HEFNER 3 years ago

    Something samsung can laugh at 

  • Vader...You Seek Vader! 3 years ago


  • Ramon Valdez 3 years ago

    Awesome tablet might get one like stylus and Tegra 4 chip but 1 GB ram and
    720p is a bummer 

  • Michael Hall 3 years ago

    1GB of ram? 1GB?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Faethe 3 years ago

    All that CPU power stuck to a crappy screen. What a waste :(

  • Krishna Oung 3 years ago

    Its a great alternative to the NVIDIA Shield, in my opinion, just because
    you can have a bigger screen for a cheaper price. The screen resolution is
    a bummer, but it isn’t so much of a deal breaker in my opinion.

  • TheSizNation 3 years ago

    For the price definitely not bad at all. It’s good to see lower end options
    for some of the otherwise higher end features. Is this going to please
    everyone, no. My only concern is how often they would upgrade the software
    and refine the note functionality. I’m sure there will be cool roms that
    come out for it, but having security of improving updates would be great
    even at its low price tag.

  • Mizzoumike000 3 years ago