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Surface Pro 3 – the tablet that can replace your laptop. Learn more at

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  • Dustin Nguyen 3 years ago

    it’s funny, basically they’re taking revenge on apple haha

  • JerTheGeek 3 years ago

    Oh. My. Gosh. Possibly the lamest ad ever. Seriously Microsoft, can’t you
    make a solid ad marketing your own product? I have a MacBook Air and am a
    big Apple fan, and even I’ll say that the Pro 3 is a pretty well made
    product, as far as build quality and performance goes. But does it serve a
    practical purpose for me? No. I still don’t understand how a giant tablet
    can replace my super comfortable and super portable iPad mini, and also
    replace my awesome MacBook Air that works well on my lap. I can see how it
    would work for some; but for most people I still think it is not a good
    tablet and a good laptop replacement.

    And you know Apple is the highest standard in tech when every competitor is
    constantly putting out ads that bash Apple. Seriously just market your own
    product and let people who like Apple use what they like.

  • StatusTech 3 years ago

    For those who are saying ” The surface is too expensive” “the mac book air
    is cheaper” I think that your forgetting the price of the iPad that you
    will also have to buy… If you live in a Microsoft ecosystem your surface
    can easily be your tablet and your PC… Now, for this point I am not
    comparing ecosystems or which one is better vs which one has more features,
    I am simply saying that the surface “To Microsoft, and Microsoft fans” Is
    not just a laptop. So If you want an equivalent experience in an apple
    ecosystem you need the mac and the iPad… which is more expensive than a

  • Zet Su 3 years ago

    Too bad the pricing though 

  • The Harsh Tag 3 years ago

    Ipad air 2-$499 for a tablet that works
    Surface pro 3-$799 for an ipad stand+world’s most critisised OS

  • Across the Echoes 3 years ago

    The only thing the Surface Pro 3 ACTUALLY has against the iPad is a USB
    port. The iPad has all of it’s other features, including a physical
    keyboard that’s sold separately (go to purchase a Surface Pro 3, you’ll
    find it’s physical keyboard is sold separately).

    But while a USB port is an amazing thing and nobody’s really certain why
    iPads don’t have one, a USB port can not make up for all of Microsoft’s
    shortcomings that, for some reason, they never fix. Mainly the fact that
    the Surface Pro 3, like all other Microsoft products, likely crashes at
    least once a day and doesn’t have the power to perform any tasks beyond
    simple social networking.

  • natlungfy 3 years ago

    This ad is in some ways like an ugly Christmas sweater in video form- you
    get all the good ol’ elements of Christmas; it makes you cringe so hard but
    it’s good enough to get you in the festive mood. Except this ad is not good
    at all.

    Microsoft makes terrible ads, especially those for Surface. They try way
    too hard to put MacBook down. May be funny the first time but not anymore.
    And why are they targeting Apple anyway? I thought Dell’s Yoga / Lenovo’s
    Thinkpads would be more of a competitor to MS’s laptop-tablet hybrid.

    This sounds like a scary propaganda song and makes me feel ashamed of
    owning a Surface Pro 3.

  • Jeremy Tan 3 years ago

    Sorray, got myself a MacBook Pro already , could not believe how much it’s
    better than Any Windows . Period

  • Is that bloody kickstand really a selling argument for the Surface? It
    looks like an afterthought to a tablet, because you can’t adjust the screen
    like on a real laptop. You hear that LAPtop? You can’t use the kickstand in
    your lap.. Got a USB? Cool, the Air has two. It also has a thunderbolt port
    which I use every day to plug in an extra monitor. And best of all, I don’t
    get to deal with the eternal mess named Windows!

    Not being a fanboy here, just pointing out that this ad just shows that the
    surface really is a worse rather than better product. Macbook Air sells
    better than the Surface Pro for a reason. Not saying that it IS a worse
    product, but the ad really hadn’t anything to say other than the fact that
    it has a touchscreen. Kinda catchy though. Gotta give them that.

  • thesral96 3 years ago

    WTF is wrong with microsoft. I mean, i hate apple. But this ad is just
    provocative in a childish way. And the Surface Pro 3 i7 (I’ve got one) is
    by far not as powerful as the MacBook Air. The graphics of the Pro 3 is
    just sad. A computer is always as fast, as its slowest component. Thats
    bottleneck basics. Apparently Microsoft has never heard of it. Cant
    recommend the Surface to anyone.

  • Luandersonn Airton 3 years ago

    O que é isso? Estamos na temporada dos comerciais bizarros?

  • yourdailycydiafix 3 years ago

    instead of pouring millions on ads why don’t you fix the damn scaling
    issues the sp3 has. Oh and also, I can’t turn off it’s screen without
    putting it into sleepmode ( all background programs stop). What else? the
    pen cursor that annoyingly lags behind the tip. Fix that bug on the start
    screen where the tiles are cropped a bit. Fix that other bug where snapping
    the desktop app back restarts explorer/freezes the pc. Make good metro apps
    for a start. collaborate with different companies and actually make good
    apps (there is no official youtube app).

  • Ian Raybeck 3 years ago

    Is this all you can do? Make a shitty parody of Winter Wonderland and claim
    that the Surface has better features than the Mac? Wow… Such bullshit. At
    least Apple makes fast computers and doesn’t bash Microsoft.

  • BRBallin1 3 years ago

    One of my main concerns with the Surface is that it will stress up your arm
    for long uses because your arm is constantly lifted from rest to hit the
    touch screen when the keyboard is attached. So it’s not a practical to get
    real work done with a touch screen tablet over a laptop that has a pretty
    revolutionary trackpad that will have more accurate clicks. I honestly
    never came across a situation where I could’ve used a stylus to get my work
    done, unless it’s for leisure art purposes. So it’s pretty misleading to
    market it as a legitimate laptop replacement. 

  • John Roberts 3 years ago

    Oh my god!!! You can write with a PEN!!! Oh my god what a breakthrough in
    modern technology!!!! I mean, typing is way faster than a pen, and my
    finger is more precise than a pen, but ok!!!! “AND ITS MORE POWERFUL THAN A
    MAC?” “YES! but only if you get the $900 Mac and the $17,000 surface….”OH
    MY GOD A KICKSTAND!!!!!! YES, because the Mac doesn’t have one!!!!! Oh
    wait, it can stand in its own…. So I guess the surface is pointless…..

  • Gaming Media 3 years ago

    1. Why do I want to carry around a pen to write on my computer. Why would I
    want a touchscreen on my computer anyway as well?
    2. Instead of an annoying kickstand, why not just… ADJUST THE POSITION OF
    THE SCREEN ON THE MACBOOK! Just tilt it! It’s not hard at ALL!
    3. Wonderful. I can now loose m keyboard. Oh, wait… I just lost the
    screen. Gotta fork out the cash for a new Surface Pro.
    4. Whoopee. 1 entire USB port. That MacBook has around 2 of them plus a
    disc drive, and an SD card reader.
    Thank you Microsoft. I know to buy the MacBook now because your commercial
    is so bad and makes no sense at all! 

  • Round House 3 years ago

    hey whats that, is it a kick stand.

  • Albertx91 3 years ago

    My surface is great, is so delightful, also my Mac, it’s so powerful , i
    can start a work from that and continue with my iPhone, I really love my
    Mac book air.

    My Mac is thin.
    not like your surface, it is thicker, and I really hate it.
    I can broke your pen if you said again that “you really like your surface
    pro 3”

    Peace :)

  • Andrew Kritzler 3 years ago

    This may replace laptops, but nothing at all, will replace a desktop.

  • Sun Ray 3 years ago

    So what? I have Macs, after watching this “masterpiece” ( ugly one ) you
    think that I will replace Mac by this piece of sh*t? No, thanks, I also
    don’t need this touchpen. I will never buy surface pro or whatever. 

  • Robin Johansson 3 years ago

    Apple always win nowadays and it’s mainly ONE reason. Design.

    (the Apple logo wins compared to logos of other companies, including
    Windows) Tip for Microsoft. Hire a car designer and let him/her go berserk
    on designing everything from hardware to software.

  • maclovio hudson 3 years ago

    The tablet is really great, but damn Microsoft! stop with this annoying
    commercials, who did this ugly piece of crap?

  • FlashMiner122 3 years ago

    Lol…..notice how every company is trying to act good by only stating the
    positives of their product and comparing their shitty products with Apple
    products…You dont see too much of Apple trying to compare their stuff
    with another brand in a commercial. Because there is no competetion out
    there! Apple is THE best out there

  • Brenner McHugh 3 years ago

    Would it play PC or pocket edition minecraft? after all its a tablet and

  • Federico Lora 3 years ago

    You guys re talking bad about Mac and only highlighting the good parts of
    surface Mac could trash you guys when it comes to the process or and stuff
    like that 

  • shut your face! 3 years ago

    Mac fits more comfortably in your lap, has a backlit keyboard, has a longer
    battery life, a better screen, FAR less virus problems, etc etc.

  • Tyler Hammatt 3 years ago

    How is having a kickstand on a ‘laptop replacement’ anything but a

  • TheRobloxMaster2030 3 years ago

    One of my favorite advertisements 😀 I know the whole lyrics :)

  • Angel Vargas 3 years ago

    I prefer so much this iPad over this Surface, because iPad is a really
    tablet, Surface are a medium tablet and medium laptop, for my pen included,
    it is an unnecessary invasion, really is so useful? It is only to decorate
    more, the detachable keyboard is just something else to show off
    interesting, but outside the aesthetic aspect is useless and boring to my
    account, never will replace the real MacBook laptop or iPad tablet true, i
    prefer to job, this MacBook (Air, Pro) because this MacBook is really a
    Laptop,in windows you have virus, BSD, bugs, etc, in IOS and Mac OS X is so
    simple, perfect, fast, powerful and relaxing. This hybrid Tablets don’t
    like me nothing, for me are a commercial technical, for the ignoramus
    people!!!! Apple is better, always better, sorry Microsoft, but you fucking
    and stupid comercial are a great sh*t

  • TheSportsman131 3 years ago

    Meh, I don’t know. People make it sound like it’s a horrific experience to
    carry around that OH SO HEAVY laptop… It’s not bad at all. Maybe I’m just
    too accustomed to laptops to want to switch, but I’m just not seeing the
    benefits that will make me want to rid myself of my laptop.