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The tablet that can replace your laptop. Meet the brand new Surface Pro 3. To learn more, go to

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  • master travel 2 years ago

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    หรือหน้าจอโทรทัศน์ #Microsoft Surface

  • Ichbinstark looza 2 years ago

    Best tablets on the market

  • SnakeSniper 2 years ago

    Just get a HP Pavilion x360 11.6, it has a 360 hinge and its faster than
    the Surface for $399, and its Windows 8.1

  • Goliath 2 years ago

    While it is a great tablet and I love it to death they forgot to mention
    one thing.

    ‘Enjoy feeling lighter as all that money is removed from your wallet when
    you buy the Surface Pro 3’

  • James Roy 2 years ago

    I love all the small text, that keeps poping up and quickly fading away.

  • Awesomenoob25 The Gaming Noob! 2 years ago

    The surface sucks…..

  • Mahfuz Rahman 2 years ago

    I will still buy an IPad Air

  • Warren Galloway 2 years ago

    Microsoft is finally coming back. With surface 3 and windows 10 on the way,
    they are getting back in the game.

  • Crushing It 2 years ago

    I feel they need to advertise this on the TV to get their point across. Im
    sure a vast majority of the people who watch the current Surface/Windows 8
    commercials dont understand what makes it so unique compared to an iPad.
    They need specific description

  • kathy jakubowski 2 years ago

    nokia lumia has windows 8 and also xbox one has window 8

  • Yhan Batista 2 years ago
  • Diana Lucía Beltrán Méndez 2 years ago

    *Surface Pro 3 – La tablet que puede reemplazar tu laptop (en inglés)*

    #Tecnología #Microsoft #Windows8

    [Publicación Nº7 | 3/julio]

  • Jay Bizz 2 years ago

    Do I need Norton Internet protection, since it is a windows I guess I will
    need it. So forget it, I love my iPad Air.

  • Connectica 2 years ago

    Microsoft ha annunciato la disponibilità dell’ultimo modello della gamma
    Surface. Si tratta di un tablet leggero che punta ad offrire la potenza e
    le prestazioni di un pc

    #tablet #surface #microsoft 

  • Sage Mantis 2 years ago

    I’m anxious for laptops to get more mobile. I’m ready for it. So tired of
    traditional laptops. 

  • Azhy Jean 2 years ago

    It’s great tablet and lactop. i love microsoft. and i love windows 8.1

  • manzoni smith 2 years ago

    dont hesitate to buy this, i have it now, and it is the best.

  • Ryan Martin 2 years ago

    I am happy with my Win 8.1 touchscreen laptop, but useful info.

  • Holy Shit That pen is cool :O

  • Ermida Ordonio 2 years ago
  • Mohammad B. Sahrady 2 years ago
  • BackstreetPride 2 years ago

    I bought this today and Im excited to try it on the go.

  • picklickwick 2 years ago


  • EmeraldShardz 2 years ago

    Surface Pro 3 is AWESOME. I got mine a couple of weeks ago and

  • lukiaiia 2 years ago

    ์์NEED IT!!!

  • siloPIRATE 2 years ago

    Why did I shiver and almost recoil in horror when he said it runs Windows

  • Rainer Lindenmayer 2 years ago

    … must have

  • Northern Star IT 2 years ago

    #SurfacePro3 is here! Sign up & Learn how it can
    transform your business via @MSFTBusinessUK

  • Kumo Cloud 2 years ago

    Surface Pro 3 is good, but Microsoft needs to fix it. The i5 (and maybe i7)
    over heats. Also, the fan is VERY loud. And another thing is that Skype
    forces you to sign in with a Microsoft account. I have 2 Skype accounts,
    and soon I may get my third. Too many accounts! Hope you find this useful.
    Please fix this!

  • Dylan Productions 2 years ago

    The surface sucks!

  • LoGiX 2 years ago

    The resolution is well above 1080p Full HD. But the resolution on the
    device doesn’t have a name because it’s in 3:2 aspect at 2160×1440. It’s
    easier for people to understand that it has a beautiful display and
    advertise it as Full HD instead, but if you want to get technical it’s more
    than Full HD.

  • loic Lahaye 2 years ago

    I love the surface pro 3 but I hate the prise ;(

  • Miguel Menendez 2 years ago

    Have always like it but compare to let’s say a macbook air is fairly more
    expensive, you still can’t replace a full keyboard. I recently had to but
    another mac air though of getting surface pro 3, but the i5 with 120 GB
    still surpass apple. Even the 64 gb model, and not to mention the keyboard
    is not included =( hope prices come down…

  • Mihneaman 2 years ago

    The new Surface Pro 3. Buy an iPad Air 2

  • Jethro Jed Cruz 2 years ago

    Like this but its too expensive. :(

  • PirateKing1256 2 years ago

    It’s expensive but still very tempting to buy! I wish I can cash out my old
    laptop to top up for this.

  • Artur Baranok 2 years ago

    Отличный инструмент для работы! 

  • Surface 2 years ago
  • Eric W. 2 years ago

    Can it run steam?

  • swizzstuekk 2 years ago

    Name of the sound?

  • Mu5ik4Life 2 years ago

    Can you write using the stylus while also resting you hand on the tablet’s

  • Guan Mu 2 years ago