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Sony Xperia Tablet Z vs iPad 4: Hands-on. The Xperia Tablet Z and iPad 4 are comparable in price, but is that where the similarities end? We run through some…

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  • Eugen Hannibal 3 years ago

    Sony best
    Fuck Apple

  • shameem september 3 years ago

    i have an ipad 4 and im happy with it apple products always have the classy
    feel and look to it unlike other tabs or smartphones it dnt feel cheap

  • ilikevideos 3 years ago

    I would like to see any shiny surface that, when touched, isn’t a
    fingerprint magnet.. I would like this criticism to be dropped from every
    device…gets old

  • Has anyone else ever noticed that most review when comparing an android
    device to an Ipad, they tend to only compare the areas where the ipad wins.
    When they do compare an area where the android wins they down play it by
    saying it’s not as beneficial. The xperia Z has a better camera, but who
    uses this anyway just get a real camera. The xperia Z is lighter, but
    Apple focuses on making their devices more premium looking, so this won’t
    be a killer for you. The xperia Z has a screen coating for fingerprints,
    but is still a fingerprint magnet, I didn’t hear him saying anything
    negative about the ipad ie. it as well is a fingerprint magnet.

  • alex d 3 years ago

    Can you do an update video on the iPad mini 2 whenever more major news
    comes out

  • Magomedov Amir 3 years ago

    sony tablet z лучше всех

  • aggieroselucas 3 years ago

    I bought one Aug 4, 2013 and it is already dead. Techs say that it has a
    cracked screen (after under two weeks of minimal use with no drops or hits)
    after I sent it to Sony store to find out why the charging craddle wont
    charge while USB will and screen won’t respond at all. DO NOT BUY THIS
    THING. THE FULL WARRANTY IS CRAP. Did not even live to test out
    waterproofness which is why I bought this expensive thing to begin with.
    That said I have no comments to make re comparison to iPad.

  • Guus Frenken 3 years ago

    I was about to buy an iPad when I read about the Xperia Z Tablet, now i’m
    gonna have to choose -_-

  • Mark Dennis Seriño 3 years ago

    Ipad is so outdated now

  • gonzo ent 3 years ago

    I’m saving now to buy one of these.. But i’m having a hard time choosing
    which one… I will mostly use it for college to view the exercices pdf’s
    and informations they put in college’s sites but i will also use it for
    apps and games.. I’m more inclined for the ipad can someone tell me which
    one is the best for my case?

  • berkay korucu 3 years ago

    great video i want to download movies for freen from torrent and watch them
    wich one is better for this please tell me what you think ?

  • Tamas Bodo 3 years ago

    I have the Tablet S (older tablet) and I’m at college too dong IT, it works
    great it is everything you would want from a tablet, I have used the Z as
    well, it is amazing, perfect for doing work and personal use. I recommend
    the Xperia Tablet Z, much better than an iPad. Someone in my class has one,
    we did a comparison and the Xperia won hands down, it was faster, and
    better for mobility. Hope I helped you make a decision!

  • Grzegorz Zajkowski 3 years ago

    Sony 4ever. If Sony had en apple logo on the back, all the people “mac
    nation” will go bananas about it.

  • Virgin Flower 3 years ago

    that means nothing.

  • Phu DangVi 3 years ago

    Xperia z is sexy , iPad 4 is better

  • emmanuel uba 3 years ago

    The Sony looks so sexy

  • João Miguel Gomes 3 years ago

    I think that the xperia hardwere is mutch better, but the ipad has got a
    softwere made for him, so the total experience will be more enjoyable in
    the Ipad. Sad but true. (just my opinion)

  • gangster1980s 3 years ago

    The only problem with Sony is the lack of a great screen. They are still
    using TFT which is old school, once they make the switch to IPS or Amoled,
    they will have a much bigger clientele.

  • Matt Rogers 3 years ago

    What are you taking about? How could a high res screen imrove the camera

  • MRkingSaLeH 3 years ago

    if apple just make the ipad 5 support flash and u can download anything
    from the (internet browser) music,video,movies…etc no one will buy
    android tablets

  • Sean Godsell 3 years ago

    You never mentioned anything regarding that the z is waterproof and has an
    ir blaster as well as other features not found on the ipad

  • lairdriver 3 years ago

    Sony XPeria also has USB! and the ability to use your Playstation
    controller on the Unit to play Playstation games. Now that is more then

  • Nica ! 3 years ago

    Haiiiiii Yamaha stooopppppp hhhoogogogogogooohohoohoh hohoho

  • LaSFeaR 3 years ago

    Z for style iPad for everything else 8|

  • Tetzkie Pogi 3 years ago

    wow xperia z tablet i think its good for listening music and watching move
    + snapdragon processor awesome i see gta vice city already installed on
    xperia z tablet xD

  • MrBuzzKill 3 years ago

    for youtube and facebook every tablet out there is good… If you want
    something you can play REAL games on save up some money and buy a laptop
    hybrid and if you’re not familiar with that then il explain it to you like
    this: It has a tablet as a screen but you can flip the screen and close it
    like a laptop and it becomes an all out tablet

  • ashok gurung 3 years ago

    I like xperia but ipad is durable than xperia….

  • Cristiano 3 years ago

    what tablet is good for games,facebook,youtube,movies etc? i need to buy
    one 😀

  • alwaleed4970 3 years ago

    ↓خف علينا يا

  • Anne Saint Felix 3 years ago

    The xperia is the best for watching movies and videos and for facebook

  • David Tech 3 years ago

    Does the sony use standard micro sd cards or the more expensive sony m2