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This is my unboxing of the Sony Xperia Tablet Z (White 32GB), showimg you everything you get inside and a first boot. Don’t forget to comment in section belo…

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  • Nestor V 2 years ago

    que vídeo mas malo….!!!

  • O Walker 2 years ago

    My new tablet should I keep it ?

  • Ilija Petrovic 2 years ago

    There is too much space between the screen and the tablet sides. There
    could have been a much bigger screen…

  • commando_qt 2 years ago

    can i use it like a normal phone 4g lte

  • Dan Kitchen 2 years ago

    Its probably to stop your thumbs touching parts of the screen and
    registering unwanted input.

  • ksrw395 2 years ago

    i already did but to be honest Oawalker has better videos (with his voice
    and stuff)

  • dr0Id 2 years ago

    Really interested in this tablet. I don’t know whether to wait for the
    nexus 10 v2 or get this.

  • PRISMBULLRUN 2 years ago

    Getting one full review Noe

  • Oawalker 2 years ago

    sure coming soon

  • ksrw395 2 years ago

    i would like to see a waterproof test(if possible to you) and a camera
    test(both in normal and low light …..subscribed so i can see 🙂

  • Oawalker 2 years ago

    lool mistakes happen 🙂

  • PRISMBULLRUN 2 years ago


  • EvilDooms 2 years ago

    where did you get your hands on the white model?

  • PDTalkinTech 2 years ago

    5:15 – Samsung’s user interface on top? 😛

  • Big Paape 2 years ago

    No headphones, and is the display very reflective?

  • CHUUUBZZ_99 2 years ago

    I don’t understand why people always take the front plastic off, it’s
    pretty much a screen protector. When I get a new phone or tablet I always
    keep that plastic on for at least two days until I get a real screen
    protector or when the front plastic starts to come off on it’s own, because
    if something were to happen to the tablet and you took it back to the store
    they might not take it back unless you have a warranty or it happens like a
    day after you get the tablet.

  • I saw this video earlier but you removed it now it’s back what did you do?

  • sonckfan1 2 years ago

    i wan’t to see the ps certified thingy

  • Oawalker 2 years ago

    Thanks you 🙂

  • Ike T 2 years ago

    life is short… just use it as the way you would enjoy it… time is
    ticking! I never buy screen protectors or cases etc. Not for my smart
    phones nor tables or any electronics… nothing happened to any of them so
    far but even if it does happen who cares… I ll just pay and replace.

  • La Bonito 2 years ago

    i want it

  • Vuk Kuljancic 2 years ago

    It’s awesome bro

  • Ørjan Baglo 2 years ago

    check out xperiatabletztests

  • epicutenesss 2 years ago

    Can this make phone call?

  • shinzomoon 2 years ago

    I think people should be mindful that things that say “Waterproof” doesn’t
    mean you should use it in the bath or in the sea or anything. Just means it
    more resistant to water penetration.

  • Crazy Prakz (Tech Muncher) 2 years ago

    great video bro … you are the best =D

  • solarneddy 2 years ago

    Just like every other 10.1 inch tablet on the market. Probably over priced.

  • olle euren 2 years ago

    wow.. i must be stupid.. i read your comment and i saw “can you do a full
    review when you get cancer?” XD

  • Belall Neemuth 2 years ago

    i see that the white one is more beautiful than the black… What is ur
    opinion. thanks

  • ksrw395 2 years ago


  • HealthyJoeful 2 years ago

    Dude! The Sony Xperia Tablet Z looks beautiful. Interesting in white. Can
    you do a full review when you get the chance? I can’t wait to buy one.
    Thanks for the video. Cheers.

  • shadowsniperhuddz 2 years ago

    great i like the way u get all the latest gadgets and do these videos thats
    why im subbed to this awsome channel keep it up mr walker..

  • Oawalker 2 years ago

    sure all coming soon

  • CHUUUBZZ_99 2 years ago

    Yes, but you would have to pay extra for the 3G service. Not sure if they
    have that where you live or if there’s a different name for it, but you
    would have to get some kind of plan with the tablet. Or you could get Skype
    credit and it could be just as good 🙂