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Get your Sony Xperia Tablet Z today from through the link below:…

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  • Wrestling4 Life 3 years ago

    +TheDigitalDigest Which one do you prefer, ipad, or xperia tablet

  • Chide Onyeneke 3 years ago

    7;13 couldn’t find that remote thing on my iPad

  • J Dizon 3 years ago
  • J Dizon 3 years ago

    ….and dami mong sinasabi nahihirapan na ko sa english mo

  • Mark Anthony Atalin 3 years ago

    too much talkiing

  • surajit ghosh 3 years ago

    sony used tft not super amoled

  • maxwolfstein 3 years ago

    Waiting for mine to come in the mail. Nicely done TheDigitalDigest.

  • Gerardo Julca 3 years ago

    it doesnt come with headphones… does it?

  • DEATH 3 years ago

    Omg dude do u know the difference btw unboxing and review…that was
    wayyyyyyyy too much talking. 

  • TheStealther 3 years ago

    You are dragging it way too long…
    Your title says Unboxing.
    The video says Overview & Unboxing.

  • geyik figürü 3 years ago

    best review !!

  • pranay vij 3 years ago

    not better than ipad i guess

  • Mohammed Ali 3 years ago

    Tips,,, buy sony quick charger to charge it faster

  • Abhishek s 3 years ago

    Max battery is average not too good.

  • TheDigitalDigest 3 years ago

    You are right. Thanks for pointing it out. Not sure if I like the 3D sound
    but the speakers aren’t weak which is a good thing.

  • traiden Dickinson 3 years ago

    The glass on sony feels like smooth metal which is good, for new phones u
    can smash it on the ground but only internals will get damage not the glass

  • Danny Vaca 3 years ago

    Here in Us by the way NYC

  • wtfisditvoorbullshit 3 years ago

    After you having this tablet now for a week and a half now; what things
    don’t you like about it? And how many hours do you get with screen on?

  • johan prais 3 years ago

    This has 4g lte i researched it

  • TheDigitalDigest 3 years ago

    Not sure…stay tuned. It may end up on my table.

  • Abhishek s 3 years ago

    thanks man i bought one after watching this review.

  • Michael Herrera 3 years ago

    did you do one day shipping?

  • Abhishek s 3 years ago

    The only thing i dont like abot it is it doesnt charge as fast as my s3

  • MEMO ALAMIR. 3 years ago

    fuck u u talk to many

  • KAL EL 3 years ago

    Skip to min 4:55 ,there, I saved you almost 5 mins of your life.

  • Mihai5074 3 years ago

    actually it’s 5:16

  • TheDigitalDigest 3 years ago

    I know what you mean about the fragility that it represents with its
    groundbreaking weight and thickness. Battery life is great so far. An
    update is in the works…

  • Carl G 3 years ago

    It looks well SEXY 😛 + It’s been a good year so far for SONY with coming
    out with SEXY Tech i.e this + the Xperia Z mobile + the SEXY New PS4 + the
    4K TV 😛

  • Fernando Amezcua 3 years ago

    did u say its already in the usa

  • ZoldierrZzz 3 years ago

    Going to return mine. Bought one yesterday but the colors aren’t vivid
    enough and the blacks are more like grey. Really awful compared to my Note

  • TheDigitalDigest 3 years ago

    It is stateside now. Just hard to find.

  • Elliott J 3 years ago

    will my sonycybershot dsc-hx7v sd card fit into this,also is the quality of
    the glass on par with apple

  • Fjodor Zotaj 3 years ago

    this tablet is the best. the design is outstanding.