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For more details, check out our web site: Sony somehow managed to make the thinnest and …

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  • DAGATHire 3 years ago

    I’m tired of these guys inventing new terms. It’s a fucking tablet! Stop
    referring to it as a slate. It’s not cool! it never was cool and you are
    not cool by saying it. Android Tablet! 

  • Joe Bogdan 3 years ago

    Horrible review. Ummmmm, what ports does this device have??? Can I attach
    a keyboard??? I have used PhoneArena’s reviews in the past, and they are
    generally good. This is the first one from Boris. Don’t you have a
    checklist, like “in a review, cover these points”????? 16:12 of my life,

  • Sylvie Awol 3 years ago

    Would you go for something like this?
    Share me your thoughts

  • J. Castrosin 3 years ago

    Sony Xperia Tablet Z Review Sony Xperia Tablet Z

  • soorms07 3 years ago

    1:52 5 home button presses with no reaction from the tablet. Da fuq? I
    could not imagine how frustrating using that POS must be!

  • Jeric Garcia 3 years ago

    Where are your scripts men? You’re a lil bit confused with your words..

  • mohan Punia 3 years ago

    phonearena need to add every thing in hus reviews like battery life
    test,camera quality,gaming performance,notes,browsing,benchmarks,water
    proof test and app opening speed.

  • Boza Games 3 years ago

    Yeah but again John V rocks 🙂

  • cartoonworld2013 3 years ago

    1:30 taking it to the bitch? Lol

  • Att3r0 3 years ago

    Only real differance is that S600 runs at 1.7 rather then 1.5. If you are
    power hungry then there was word XTZ will be getting s800 version but i
    don’t belive it will be as thing and light as it will need stronger battery.

  • aTI5Xx 3 years ago

    Its waterproof and you expect metal ?? Seriously!!

  • Nebu Paul 3 years ago


  • Marvin Dyers 3 years ago

    no phonearena needs a new team period.

  • Gabriel Sebastian Carriòn Vivar 3 years ago

    Does the galaxy tab 3 7 sports multi window?

  • TekReview's 3 years ago

    Waterboarding? Wow dude, were you in the Russian Military?

  • Mini Yoshi 3 years ago

    I am really tired of review videos showing the hardware of the gadgets. A
    waste of time.

  • Kostadin Kostadinov 3 years ago

    kato telefona no v golqm razmer….kato cqlo sum dosta razo4arovan ot
    telefona kato zapo4ne6 ot uj shatter proof glass do speakera ujas

  • Sebastiaan Oudendijk 3 years ago

    30 minutes under 1 meter

  • jb58x9 3 years ago

    what the hell is xvidi?.New russian video codec?

  • Adam Truong 3 years ago

    Man, this reviewer was annoying and boring.

  • grevenn 3 years ago

    you can use it for 3g if you buy a version with a simcard slot. If it has
    4g you can still use it with 2g and 3g

  • Simon McGough 3 years ago

    It’s so silly when anyone uses imperial measurements, ha.

  • grevenn 3 years ago

    Seems like another item in the pile of laggy android shit. Why cant they
    make lagg free android products without having a 8 core processor.. Im not
    a ios or WP fanboy. Have a lumia 920 as my phone and a galaxy note 10.1 as
    my tablet and i like my tablet but it does fit in the pile of laggy

  • camaroone123 3 years ago


  • grevenn 3 years ago

    EVERY android product should run stock android. My old phone a nexus 4
    didnt have much lag. Pretty smooth for a android.

  • Rohan Purohit 3 years ago

    Looks are sure killer 🙂

  • William Topping 3 years ago

    Next time do a review with the battery on 100%, as that way all the battery
    saving features wouldn’t kick in once it gets below 30%, and you will see
    that this is a smooth running tablet!

  • le2opoldo 3 years ago

    Wow! That’s thin!

  • Mangesh Ghodke 3 years ago

    its funny when you show Bravia quality by opening home-screen screenshot.

  • TekReview's 3 years ago

    If you ever seen an Android PC board, there small and tiny, no big deal
    making something this thin with android inside.

  • MJ Gardose 3 years ago


  • gaurav singh rawat 3 years ago

    Ua russian ryt..??