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  • Leonard Cherubim 3 years ago

    very good

  • Gustavo Covarrubias 3 years ago


  • Awais Bajwa 3 years ago

    dose it has a sim slot too ?

  • Mike Bynoe 3 years ago

    Good video, thanks, I’m sold, just ordered one, hooah!

  • computersexpertable 3 years ago

    can this tablet support call of duty strike team and contar killer 2 

  • ocyrus70 3 years ago

    cleaning cars is an art form!!..

  • Zach Steffy 3 years ago

    Fuck. My youtube video keeps. Buffering fuck me Mann

  • LZcool 3 years ago

    For me this tablet is the best product sony has managed to put in the
    market since PS3, hands down :)

  • Anonymous of Holland 3 years ago

    >He calls the Play Store the ‘Sony store’
    10/10 review mate you really know your stuff

  • OKb0y918 3 years ago

    Hey nice vid man! got one question for ya though… Can you put music on it
    from your computer like you can on an ipad with itunes? Because i really
    like this tab but i wan’t some music on it if i get it. But i don’t know if
    i can or not, So i might just get an ipad air… #THANKS!

  • DeadSparko 3 years ago

    Do you have to buy every app? Or is there some that are free? Because i
    dont want to have to buy the apps

  • Robert Campbell 3 years ago

    Can you clarify your comment on battery life so is that 7-8 hours heavy
    use. And can you use the tablet charging from a wall outlet? How long does
    that take? And how does it take 2 hours to charge from a computer? Thanks 

  • Xadoby Awesome 3 years ago

    Bad pic gd cam

  • Jerry Mcgoy 3 years ago

    Hey do u think this is worth buying cuz I am tired of iOS and I want
    somethin android oh and I love sony by the way but ya is it worth it?

  • Xadoby Awesome 3 years ago


  • ll K I N G ll 3 years ago

    What in gods name is that in the annotation?! O_O

  • thanks! not in my budget but will get it!

  • Merrittorious 3 years ago

    Just curious what your thoughts are on battery life (I’ve read it’s pretty
    middle of the road), charge time (some say it’s extremely long, and that
    you can’t use it while it’s charging as they pretty much cancel out), and
    if there is any ghosting (tablet detects touches and opens things randomly
    when you’re holding the bezels near the corners). Thanks so much!

  • onourshelf 3 years ago

    During periods of less than heavy use (1 hour a day) we were able to get 5
    days out of a single charge. During times of heavy use we’d get a total
    around 7-8 hours for example, streaming Netflix Gaming. You can use it
    while charging, it does not charge that fast. As long as you are not using
    it while it is charging. The charge times from empty to full was about 2
    hours using the computer. I experienced no ghosting at all. Keep in mind,
    my brightness is pretty much always low.

  • Hawk Plays 3 years ago

    ima get it

  • Alyssa Cuarto 3 years ago

    excellent review! i just got this. 🙂

  • Herb Roy 3 years ago

    I like that this was a full walkthrough of useage, the camera and app
    demo’s really help !

  • Joseph Moore 3 years ago

    Nice review. Made me laugh on the “drop test”. I just bought mine yesterday
    and still getting use to it. Also paired it with the bose link speaker. If
    you make another vid, show the ease of pairing with devices. Nice job on
    the review.

  • onourshelf 3 years ago

    We have strange fish

  • mark Williams 3 years ago

    Love it that when the fish came on the tablet the real fish started
    watching it !

  • when you put it underwater… there is some bubbles coming out at the top?
    what is it? 07:35 to 07:40

  • fwaz890 3 years ago


  • onourshelf 3 years ago

    Its my favorite tablet.

  • Fuat Rhiyouhri 3 years ago

    Just Amazing , love it

  • onourshelf 3 years ago

    This my favorite tablet of all time, but I think it over priced by $50-100

  • onourshelf 3 years ago

    Honestly I don’t know I saw that to as I was filming it. There was not any
    damage done.