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Lisa Gade compares the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 and the Apple iPad mini with Retina Display. Check out our video review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 a…

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  • herman stokbrood 3 years ago

    pls Lisa don’t make it that obvious that ur an Apple fan-girl

    – “Apple always has to be bigger”…. uuuh…Apple was the one who laughed
    about everything smaller then 9.7”.

    – “has to put more pixels in it in the fight with Apple”, really do you
    think that’s the reason? jeeezzz

    – “the prettiest tablets out there you can buy, no argument there. If you
    like IOS or not”.
    Let the viewer decide if it is nice looking or not. You cant possibly know
    what i like.

    Well i couldnt take more of it after 2.53 minutes and stopped watching.
    This can’t be your goal, is it?

    By the way: the tab pro 8.4 is €259,00 in Holland, the iPad mini retina
    €389,00 which make the Samsung even more desirable and I even don’t own a
    Samsung device 😉 

  • Jakelegofilms 3 years ago

    What a no-brainer. IMO, iPads are much better. Great cloud sync, fantastic
    hardware, awesome screen, awesome app store, no viruses or malware, and
    easy to use interface. And great games. Just my opinion. :)

  • Robin H. 3 years ago

    The Ipad look dumb… The Samsung looks more natural. And sexy to!

  • vtwinv 3 years ago

    apple is going down soon…. 🙂

  • AL- jooker 3 years ago

    Adore and apparatus design of Apple iPad and its applications Midjalna to
    go to him

  • Nicholas Sterling 3 years ago

    Nice review, Lisa. You are easy to listen to, move quickly, and hit the
    right points.

    About screen orientation: I prefer Samsung’s for four reasons: 1) movies
    (as you mentioned), 2) running two apps at once (the long dimension splits
    into two reasonable 4.2″ sections), 3) reading books about software (code
    samples are often either long or wide, both of which are easier to read on
    a 16:9 screen turned the appropriate way), and 4) it’s easier to hold.

    It will be interesting to see whether the Samsung unit’s battery life will
    meet or exceed the iPad’s after the Lollipop update, which is purported to
    dramatically improve battery life. Also, the Samsung is going to be
    available for $200 on Black Friday (yes, the Pro 8.4).

  • SAVAGE308SNIPER 3 years ago

    This guy knows what he is talking about. Great video, man.

  • Chema Espinal 3 years ago

    both tablets are good BUT the pro heats up and drains battery really fast
    even on sleep and wifi off say its 10:00pm tablet left on 75% battery by
    8:00am next morning was already in 35%!! believe me i had one takes 6
    hours too fully charge it and thats not good so i went back to ipad
    mini…. sd card storage on the pro was an issue even after rooting wasnt
    helpful ipad mini jailbroken installed a tweak runs fast ipad left on 80%
    battery WITH WIFI ON at 11:00pm then next morning 9:00am battery was still
    at 80%!!! now i only wish the ipad mini was just a little bit longer i did
    enjoy it much more.

  • cedric allanigue 3 years ago

    +MobileTechReview +Lisa Gade on sunspider javascript test you said that
    the ipad mini with retina has more accurate colors and tab pro has
    saturated colors. but i think its not that ipad has more accurate. i think
    its quite muted and washed out due to the less color gamut.

  • camilo Patarroyo 3 years ago

    samsung its better only a idiot buy a ipad. Ipad sucks

  • Kyung Ho Bruletti 3 years ago

    Samsung is the Winner! Apple sucks!

  • Rohaan Ahmad 3 years ago

    Im still not getting tab pro ipad mini retina is the winner cuz its lighter
    smaller wider and even little bit thicker but still goin wid it

  • ckhang 3 years ago

    Why is she making this comparison review if she is going to be one sided?
    She clearly showed that the samsung was laggy and made an excuse
    immediately. When she find something that the Samsung has a +1 over the
    ipad, she brags about it…please gtfo with this stupid review.

  • bunch of cool guys 3 years ago

    Don’t hate iOS couse they are expensive and u can’t buy them
    iOS is the best my family have iPhone 1 and it still working but non use it
    now but dad got an android device and within 2 month he through it away
    I got an android tablet and iPad mini 2 I’m not using tab 3 now it’s sucks
    I’m using my iPad and my iPhone we’ll I really enjoys iOS way more than
    android but it’s ur thoughts to love Samsung 

  • sorlino89 3 years ago

    if i want a “desktop” results i would buy a macbook air. End of story. You
    buy a tablet to make your life easier not less fun.

  • dirkit247 3 years ago

    iOS is better. The only reason I prefer android over iOS is because its
    customizable and has widgets and android devices usually have expandable
    storage. If iOS had expandable storage and was as customizable as android,
    I think android would be in deep shit because iOS has a lot more apps and
    games and usually run better on iOS devices. Till then (or forever, since I
    don’t see iOS doing any of what I just mentioned) I’ll stick with Android.

  • Xristina Kon 3 years ago

    iPad mini looks very ugly

  • Fabrício do Amaral 3 years ago

    Samsung sucks 2.5 ghz quad core….end iPad mini 1.3 ghz dual core…end
    result….iPad mini???very god my ipad

  • Noah Cha 3 years ago

    genYOUine plastic

  • Aaron Hudson 3 years ago

    Which one is better for gaming? Is it the iPad cause of the A7 chip or the
    galaxy tab cause of the snapdragon?

  • Stephen Sheriff 3 years ago

    Great review, Lisa! You told me everything i needed to know, clear and
    complete. I’m swingin’ with the iPad Mini. Keepin’ it simple. G’day, and

  • Marquez 3 years ago

    the fappening ftw, i mean ios.

  • Damon spaceraser 3 years ago

    16:10 aspect, not 16:9. another boring apple product. just a little faster.

    tabpro 8.4 is killer. better aspect ratio for videos. it can run more than
    1 app at once. you can quintuple the storage on the tabpro for about $40.
    how much more is an ipad mini 64GB? $200? still not a total of 80GB of
    storage. does the ipad mini have true stereo speakers or a mono speaker
    with extra holes drilled? the overall experience is better with the tabpro.
    apple? yawn!

  • Enternamehere 3 years ago

    haha women thinking they know anything about technology…such a joke

  • Nerotius95 3 years ago

    Galaxy Tab pro display’s white is much better :o

  • Ricky Naomi 3 years ago

    -entertaiment = ios better games , nice features ,simple , gaming device,
    less features restriction with simplicity meant for casual users

    -business= android better customization , file manager , micro computer
    more features no restrictions with unlimited customization some games
    meant for complex users