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Get your Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 from amazon through the link below:…

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  • Adil Abdoun 3 years ago

    Actually it’s better than tab 2014 and 12.2 inch pro. But the things is
    does it has the same ram issue as Nexus 10 2012?!

  • Rekreated1 3 years ago

    No longer best in class,that accolade goes to the tab s series…
    Just knew i should have waited.In subdued light,the blacks become some what
    washed out due to back light,under lighted conditions the screen shines,no
    mention of this in any reviews..go figure.

  • Jan Wiśniowolski 3 years ago

    My iPad Mini Retina is on ebay right now.. im so getting Tab Pro 8.4

  • TheTechGuy 3 years ago

    Can someone tell me what they mean by heavy usage because people say you
    should get a day of heavy usage from this tablet but I only get like 3

  • Bikash Shrestha 3 years ago

    play store doesnot run in my tab. pls help

  • Paul eta 3 years ago

    Just one question, can you custom the home page ? And can you delete the
    page ?

  • cire311 3 years ago

    This or the Galaxy tab S 8.4? If so, is it worth the extra 70$?

  • Deborah Leah 3 years ago

    good dj voice ;)

  • mrk107 3 years ago

    Now it’s $329.00 for the 16GB model.

  • JohnnyZenith 3 years ago
  • abcguk 3 years ago

    Hi DigitalDigest, does your machine uses high ram usage (under Settings>Ram

    Often, when i have more 4 apps running, my machine starts to hang. Do you
    face this issue or anyone else encounter the same issue? 

  • Brett Sullivan 3 years ago

    I’m interested to know if they will be coming out with an amoled version 

  • alvin colon 3 years ago

    You can take lie, rewind your video at around during 1:30 min, there is
    lag, and I, have this tablet, even the snapdragon 800 tends to lag on this
    magazine layout, I’m definitely not a fan of it.

  • MyStormVideos 3 years ago

    iPad suck

  • 3 years ago

    If u like tablet try the the phone one tab.8.4 sm-325 I have the one with
    phone virgin the this phase is great if u can con pair it with the s5 be
    bold be diffent

  • Nicholas Rix 3 years ago

    You forgot to peel the plastic off of the edges. Awesome video though. 

  • Jose Barahona 3 years ago

    Great video, I think Samsung should’ve released this type of tablets since
    the beginning. 

  • 0700700a 3 years ago

    DUDE, clean your DSLR sensor!

  • TheDigitalDigest 3 years ago
  • Cesar B 3 years ago

    I am really hoping they make a Google Play Edition, it might replace my
    IPad Air

  • hikeswitheyes 3 years ago

    Love it. Just got mine yesterday after selling my iPad 4. No complaints so
    far. Didn’t love the Magazine UX so one of the first things I did was set
    up Nova Launcher (already had it on my S4 so I didn’t have to pay for it
    again.) Looks and runs great.

  • Smith Miller 3 years ago

    Yes it does creak a little

  • Anders Wennberg 3 years ago

    Damn you have a cool voice… 

  • bryant williams 3 years ago

    The tab 4 was rumored to a super amoled

  • BK LM 3 years ago

    I really like your videos and respect your views. Thanks for the video

  • JCisJD 3 years ago

    SO how did you get on with the SD card ? im looking to choose between this
    and the cheaper tab 3 8.0 with Android 4.2 which i have read has good sound
    ok cameras and the SD card works well. Have you used it on this Tab. Its a
    big selling point for me / turns me off apple and i don’t see reviewers
    using it;) 

  • Black Pearl 3 years ago

    Can you output the video signal to external projector via VGA? What if that
    projector can only display lower resolutions like 1280×800?

  • Steve Maragos 3 years ago

    Just a quick question; i grabbed the 8.4 the other day and i must say it
    gets really REALLY warm when doing normal things like browsing and other
    daily tasks. Did you notice this as well? 

  • camaroone123 3 years ago

    The video keeps going light/dark.

  • Bill Erickson 3 years ago

    Thanks for your review of the Tab Pro 8.4. Should I wait to buy the 32 gig
    version or will using an SD card work just as well? Also, my smart phone
    supports hot spots. Should I buy the wifi or wait for the 4g version?
    Thanks, Bill

  • phoenix stutz 3 years ago

    I’m getting sick of nexus and this message tablet looks awesome. Does this
    have a microsd card slot? I’m getting one of these soon, Ill use my sexy
    nexy 2013 as a ROM testing device.

  • Anthony Johnson 3 years ago

    Just bought the 10.1 tab pro it’s simply super perfect

  • Lava Java 3 years ago

    Love it but I’m waiting for Sammy to add the S pen to it. The 8.4 is the
    logical tablet to refresh the Note 8.0. We should see a Note Pro 8.4 soon
    ….. I hope. Hurry up Sammy ….

  • Carl Dixon 3 years ago

    I just got one today and the screen is amazing. 

  • xRomeo999 3 years ago

    Nice review. Thanks bro.