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Thumbs up! 🙂 Subscribe for my Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Review! LegalZoom (Use TLD @ Checkout) Disclaimer – LegalZoom is not a law firm or a …

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  • Jonathan Morrison 2 years ago

    New video! Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Unboxing, Demo & Impressions!

    *Feel free to +1/Share/Thumbs up if you enjoyed!*

  • Angel Hernandez 2 years ago

    I did not read the manual and I got hurt using the tablet, I spent a whole
    week in the hospital. Great vid!

  • Tom Rich 2 years ago

    Another killer video from +Jonathan Morrison, +tldtoday.

    Also featuring some Heisenberg action, which is always a plus. Check it.

  • ardas 2 years ago

    I don’t get these woodsy boxes. Really weird and out of place on a latest
    tech item.

  • AgentJucey 2 years ago

    hi, am i alone or is the UI for the tab gives you a bit of migraine . 

  • Kevincraftx 2 years ago

    cool the multi tasking thing is only useful on he new tablet

  • Rachit Dubey 2 years ago

    I want it :'(

  • Adil Alkanzy 2 years ago

    Great unboxing. 

  • saranne187 2 years ago

    Have it, and i absolutely love it!

  • Aaron Mason 2 years ago

    Awesome video as usual!

  • The Way It Is 2 years ago

    that UI is just horrid. what’s with the childish colors?

  • 123kieranf 2 years ago

    great one jon :)

  • Javi Gomez 2 years ago

    Heard about the magazine UI a while back. Didn’t know they releases it.
    Didn’t see it on my news app, no reviews about it on my youtube feed…
    Clearly they are competing with Apple and sucks because iOS 7 was
    EVERYwhere on release…

  • George Black 2 years ago

    Compare iPad!

  • Anuar Hassan 2 years ago

    I wanna see the comparison!

  • Ahmed Waheed 2 years ago

    time to get a tablet .. i think this one will be the first one 

  • Peep THIS Out! 2 years ago

    Definitely my next tablet… I’ll definitely have to review this on my
    channel, “Peep THIS Out!” once I pick it up. Great unboxing video! Can’t
    wait for the full review… 

  • TechNutz 2 years ago

    Once again another great unboxing John :D

  • Dee Jimenez 2 years ago

    Great video Jonathan. I always enjoy your impressions. I can’t wait for
    your full review and iPad mini comparison.

  • Ovi Wan Kenobi 2 years ago

    Pretty cool device actually. Wouldn’t have considered one before this video.

    Compare it with that iPad and I want to know how it fares against a Nexus
    7. It would be really hard to justify relaxing my 2013 Nexus 7.

  • Fiachra Gallagher 2 years ago

    So that or a lg g pad?

  • fanjapanischermusik 2 years ago

    nice walking dead heads on your desk.

  • GadgetsBoy 2 years ago

    Hi, was this recorded with the RX100 M2? 

  • Paul Williams 2 years ago

    This is no competition for the iPad mini 

  • Ankit Patel 2 years ago

    Really Good Video…Awesome tab too…..Thanks!!!

  • Rahul Kumar 2 years ago

    Great video! Cannot wait for the review! Is that the LTE variant?

  • jjaapp 2 years ago

    Does anyone know if samsung will make a note version of this tab ?

  • CjPhotography8 2 years ago

    Great video, I had already been considering this tablet and I’m definitely
    gonna get it. As much as I love the pure ANDROID of the nexus 7, the
    multitasking and bigger battery of the tab pro 8.4 is killer. Keep up the
    good work!!!!

  • Manon Roy 2 years ago

    Can you do tethering with this tablet? I also would like to see a
    comparison with the Ipad mini. I used to have one, but got it stolen in
    Costa Rica and now I’m debating if I should get another mini or this
    tablet. I would really like to know what you think. Thank you.

  • Sasa M 2 years ago

    no iPad wins

  • Abdullah Khawaja 2 years ago

    As addicting as your videos are already, with the great background music it
    becomes even harder to not watch them

  • Daniel Burns 2 years ago

    Partner in crime, awesome!

  • Shane Reilly 2 years ago

    I hope this whole new samsung tablet line ends up being a flop. So Samsung
    will stop with new UI crap. They need to tone it down with touchbullshit.
    lol :)

  • thingyee1118 2 years ago

    Cool video, now the 12.04″ ruffly tablet.