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INFO◅ Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 review Showcasing Magazine UX, Multi-window, and benchmarked 2.3 Ghz Quad-Core SnapDragon 800 2gb ram Android 4.4.2 kitkat …

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  • JimsReviewRoom 2 years ago

    I love my tab pro. I really think the 8.4 inch is the right size for a
    smaller tablet segment. I’ve done some benchmarks, show you the crazy high
    PPI on the screen and also some other cool things. Made a quick short
    video below. (Add me!) 

  • JimsReviewRoom 2 years ago

    Hey folks. Got the Note Pro 8.4 up. I really like this size compared to
    the 7″ tabs out there. Hope you guys enjoy. (+Add me to Circles if you
    like my work.)

  • Nick Chen 2 years ago

    i think the lags come from the TouchWiz.

  • JimsReviewRoom 2 years ago

    Here goes my rendition of the Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4 reviewed. Hope this helps
    someone out there! Be sure to add me to circles if you like my work. 

  • Cangrivision 2 years ago

    Great review and love the way you made the video presentation. Very classy

  • The Off Grid Prepper 2 years ago

    can you a video on how to move my music, apps, pictures to sd card
    and anything else you can put there , on a tab pro 8.4
    would help me very much , couldnt find any vids on this

  • JimsReviewRoom 2 years ago

    Here goes my rendition of the Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4 reviewed. Hope this helps
    someone out there! Be sure to add me to circles if you like my work. 

  • Rekreated1 2 years ago

    The most professional review of this product available on youtube,so easy
    on the eye and ear.New subscriber sir…

  • JimsReviewRoom 2 years ago

    Here goes my rendition of the Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4 reviewed. Hope this helps
    someone out there! Be sure to add me to circles if you like my work. 

  • spoonman775 2 years ago

    Out of all the reviews I have watched and read on the Galaxy Pro 8.4 this
    was the most unbiased. So many reviews out there are just ads that it
    drives me nuts. So thanks for the real deal on this tablet. You speak
    clearly, sound like a radio personality, great camera work, and provide
    details others seem to avoid or leave out. Excellent work.

  • Angel Hernandez 2 years ago

    I know this is the black version but did you get a chance to use the white
    version? If yes does the back texture feels the same? Or more plastic?

  • AHMAD ALRASHIDY 2 years ago

    I’ve watched a lot of reviews of this device. but your review is the best
    out there.
    keep it up 

  • Angel Hernandez 2 years ago

    Great vid. Beautiful shots. Smooth script. Throughout review. Keep it up.

  • 53Memati53 2 years ago

    is there any way to make this better grabable ? 😀
    my hands are really small so i can’t hold this like a mobile phone or
    something smaller :v

  • I did order one after this great review .. keep it up .. perfect

  • violian5 2 years ago

    Very classy video.

  • Serge Balaga 2 years ago

    can’t wait for mine to arrive

  • Florenc Shehu 2 years ago

    Best reviews,not only from info. but especally the grafik and organize

  • Zori Petrova 2 years ago

    Поръчай при нас Samsung SM-T320 GALAXY Tab Pro на ПРОМОЦИОНАЛНА ЦЕНА!!! Не
    губи време, защото офертата ни важи до изчерпванена количествата!! Купи
    СЕГА и плати само 699.90 лв.

    Таблет с 8,4″ WQXGA TFT LCD дисплей. Разделителна способност 2560 x 1600.
    Операционна система: Android KitKat 4.4. Процесор: Quad Core 2.30 GHz. RAM
    Памет: 2GB.


  • onourshelf 2 years ago

    Best review on youtube so far, keep up the good work.

  • mrk107 2 years ago

    I have the white galaxy tab 3 8.0 tablet but I might sell it now and get
    the black galaxy tab pro 8.4 tablet. 

  • Patrik Pistol 2 years ago

    Great review! My birthday is soon coming up and I will get money to buy a
    tablet. This seems like the best option at the moment. Sure it´s expensive,
    but the specs will last for years as I am a casual user. The only thing I´m
    worrying about is the battery life and how well the apps will integrate my
    native language (Swedish).

  • camaroone123 2 years ago

    Nice JOB Thanks.

  • jjday7 2 years ago

    Very good review. Just what I needed. 

  • Damir Franc 2 years ago

    Your amount of subscribers doesn’t match up with the level of your videos.
    They are way better than what 90%+ of all the Pro’s out there are able to
    deliver. Fantastic camera work, thorough and detailed information presented
    in a very nice package. The dreamy music some times though is a bit too
    much, but otherwise great job, keep going… Thumbs up for sure 

  • HOVLane3601 2 years ago

    Whats the name of the song? I must know!

  • Melody Spice 2 years ago

    I’ve looked up a lot of reviews on YouTube before finally making the
    decision to buy one. I don’t know how I never came upon this one! It
    probably would’ve convinced me sooner. Lol. I still enjoyed watching it,
    thank you! 🙂

  • Howee Marquez 2 years ago

    Glad I discovered your channel. Keep up the good reviews. I’ll be waiting
    for more.

  • steve rowlands 2 years ago

    Really enjoyed the review Jim
    Good job.

  • serendra90210 2 years ago

    i am thinking of getting one but can’t decide if i should get the LTE
    version or the Wi-Fi only. any thoughts?

  • Márcio Rosa 2 years ago

    Nice review. Nice video. New subscriber.

  • Reggie Christian 2 years ago

    At 0:24, you indicated the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition retails at
    $499 for 32GB & $549 for 16GB. Is that right?

  • smoothescape1977 2 years ago

    best review!!!! whats the titile of the backround song?

  • Cédric Vandenbemden 2 years ago

    Nice video!
    Could you please make a video with gaming?

  • 1yakko1 2 years ago

    Great review. That tranquil music makes me want to go to a coffee shop.
    Keep up the great work. I am seriously considering purchasing this tablet.

  • Tony Diaz 2 years ago

    Nice video!

  • Mr2pint 2 years ago

    I don’t think you’re limited to only Samsung products using Hancom office,
    they’re compatible with MS office. Nice review and Tablet, got my eyes on
    the 12.2. 

  • Dark Angel 2 years ago

    Hey Jim can u please tell me what weather widget you’re using 

  • JimsReviewRoom 2 years ago

    Currently the tablet with the most PIXELS per inch in the world. Tied as
    being the thinnest too until the Xperia Z2 tablet comes. Hope you guys
    enjoy. Please share if you can. =)

  • HandscharSS 2 years ago

    Excellent, as usual.

  • Dark Angel 2 years ago

    Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 – REVIEW: