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When we first went hands-on with the Galaxy TabPRO 10.1 at CES 2014, it wasn’t always easy to tell it apart from its immediate neighbors in the Galaxy Note l…

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  • TheRoyalking761 3 years ago

    I think this is way better then the ipad

  • Ibrahim Sanci 3 years ago

    which one is better samsung galaxy note 10.1 2014 or samsung galaxy tab pro

  • Zulqarnain Aidil 3 years ago

    8200mAh battery but a micro usb for charging? how many years would it take
    to charge the thing?

  • david rastetter 3 years ago

    I do not know why it’s not USB 3.0. I just got mine and takes a long time
    to charge. But battery life is really good. 

  • Fruitarian 3 years ago

    much worth 800$ investment than the ipad air even if the next tabpro comes
    out next year this still the best tablet

  • txmoney 3 years ago

    With all the choices in tablets focusing on productivity, this tablet
    blows! I’ll stick with my Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 for premium design,
    performance, and productivity. 

  • LEO UR 3 years ago

    It sounded like he was an announcer at a horse race . Lol

  • Juan Paulino 3 years ago

    I just got that tablet but in black, so far so good. A little laggy but
    it’s expected since it’s not a 800 processor 

  • Mike Coyle 3 years ago

    I would recommend updating the whole +Pocketnow look, and adding flat
    designs and sold colors.

  • iamterence77 3 years ago

    those galaxy rewards sound more like trial software.

  • 200alb 3 years ago

    I’m trying to transfer from apple to samsung I’ve always loved apple but
    since getting a note 3 I love samsung I now have the note 3 galaxy gear
    watch and I still have my ipad air 64gb which is horrible cause I want a
    galaxy note pro 12.2 inch life sucks I want to fully switch over lol

  • rich hopp 3 years ago

    Correction rgbw pentile subpixels not row

  • 山田マハ 3 years ago

    It will take.. hours? wotttt

  • Oh! Media 3 years ago

    Nothing special. 

  • Jakub Gmur 3 years ago

    “Owning a Galaxy has its rewards” sounds like “I’m not as crappy as I
    look”. Sorry, couldn’t stop myself… 

  • Gustavo Ribas 3 years ago

    iPar Air x Tab Pro 10.1(or Note Pro 12.2)

  • rich hopp 3 years ago

    Hey Micheal I watching this on my note 10.1 2014 and I’m assuming it has
    the same display and I know my 2014 has a row like mine does and even at
    give or take 300ppi I still notice pixelation do you notice any on the tab
    pro? From my experience it doesn’t matter if I’m 1 in or 1ft from the
    display I just always notice a slight checkerboard pattern on icons

  • Rodrigo Ramirez 3 years ago

    I think this tablet doesn’t make any sense if the note 10.1 2014 exists… 

  • Toprak OKUMUŞ 3 years ago

    I wish it has a SLCD but it says TFT-LCD on the box? 

  • EssThree 3 years ago

    Man, I feel bad for anyone foolish enough to purchase any Galaxy Tab.

  • Przt Dre 3 years ago

    Michael, that song made me paranoid

  • Geoff S 3 years ago

    This is basically the Note 10.1 2014 without the S-Pen and one less gig of

  • Brett Dickstein 3 years ago

    What’s the difference between the 10.1 pro and the 10.1 2014 edition? Seems
    to me like there’s an increase in the battery life, but a decrease in
    ram…..and that’s it. 

  • Stephane Tanguay 3 years ago

    Android tablet are getting better…. I just wish the Android tablet apps
    would get better too… For now, iPad apps are still better at putting the
    full space to good use.

  • SerotheoIXI 3 years ago

    Liking the new music Michael! :D

  • Owais Sayani 3 years ago

    Can you tell us the time it takes to charge the tablet? Thanks!

  • Kevone Williams 3 years ago

    you forgot to say silence please when removing the plastic 

  • FS.Rain 3 years ago

    I’m surprised at how light it looks and frankly speaking, I prefer a light
    weight device than a bulky or heavy one. Coz I feel that mobile devices has
    to be as light as possible (no compromise on durability) to allow ease in
    mobile computing.

    Btw.. is there a review coming up on Samsung’s latest ATIV tablet? I wanna
    know if win8 tablet might worth the try comparing to android tabs?

  • Ace123097 3 years ago

    With a tablet this large I would rather have on screen buttons because a
    single button and capacitive is kinda confusing depending on how you use
    it. That is the one complaint I have about new Samsung products. Why can’t
    they be more like the Tab 2 7.0 with on screen controls.

  • Invincible Don1 3 years ago

    ! Can someone tell me what’s the difference between this tab and the Galaxy
    Note 10.1 2014 edition!?! Looks the same but without the pen but I might be
    wrong. “HELP PLEASE”

  • Daksh Gupta 3 years ago


  • SirStamford27 3 years ago

    I’ll stick with my Lumina 2520, charges in a little over an hour, 800
    processor , 4g LTE, over 600 nits, Office installed. People want to ignore
    the Lumina and stick with apple and Samsung fine, but I’m telling ya its a
    wonderful tablet.

  • Siddharth Nair 3 years ago

    TabPro 10.1 and TabPro 8.4 no love to the NotePro 12.1

  • Damien Henson 3 years ago


  • Kevin Molina 3 years ago

    Ipad air vs note pro 12.2 

  • DeathMetalMods 3 years ago

    Nice, you left the little name confusion in the video @MF

  • uwot mate 3 years ago

    Michael were you extremely tired when filming this? haha

  • Lucas Armanelli 3 years ago

    Is this the same as the note 10.1 2014 but without the S-pen?

  • sima andrei 3 years ago

    Ok so my laptop is fried ( oc ) and im a gamer more or less , anyways
    since then I’ve been putting more than 140 hrs on real racing 3 and
    spending more time my phone and changing roms and what not , ( n4 glass
    back still intact 🙂 but I still have some ( small , barley noticeable )
    low frames ( 22+-5 ) generally 30+ soo my question is what is the most
    powerful tablet on the market so far ( and I am in Europe , Germany )

  • Mazwi Zwane 3 years ago

    The new touch Whiz sucks. i prefer the stock KitKat interface

  • Victor Sarpong 3 years ago

    Show us the Office App!

  • Emmanuel Pader 3 years ago

    Is there a similarity between note 10.1 2014 edition and the tab pro 10.1
    from Samsung?