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Lisa Gade reviews the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1, the middle size in Samsung’s new line of Pro Android tablets. The tablet runs Android 4.4 KitKat with Sams…

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  • Bori Angel 2 years ago

    She knows what she talking about!! She Real Went thru details..good..thanx

  • jbashful 2 years ago

    Lisa please help! I have been watching a million reviews I cant find any
    that compare the Note 10.1 (2014) vs Tab Pro 12.2. Thought I wanted the
    note 10.1 for random sketching but came across the tab pro for $30 less
    money and like the larger screen and remote pc and HDMI connections. I was
    wondering if its possible to use a stylus to draw on the Tab pro 12.2 and
    still have palm rejection? Like maybe just buy a note stylus to carry with
    me? Would love to get your opinion on which you think is the better deal?
    P.S. Love your reviews :)

  • Veronica De Vota 2 years ago


  • crashd990 2 years ago

    Great review professionally done. Thank you very much as it has cleared up
    and solidified my choice for a major birthday gift. You hit all the details
    and kept me interested for the full 19 minutes.
    I was well served also by your comparisons and references to other makes
    and models.
    To summarize, you cleared up my confusion and gave me razor sharp
    I’ll be looking for your reviews in the future : )

  • BeMoGamer 2 years ago

    Am I the only one who likes the Menu Buttons..Fucking Multitasking. I’m
    fine with double taping home

  • LENOVOVO 2 years ago

    Great review as always Lisa! 🙂 You got it going on 🙂 You’re the BEST!

  • william dilling 2 years ago

    16Gb’s of RAM – LOL woooopppppsssssss :P

  • Julen Martín 2 years ago

    Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10,1” cuando salio,?thanks

  • D. J. Tanner 2 years ago

    Your reviews are great!!!

  • Akasha Lonsdale 2 years ago

    That was such a useful review – thank you. Decision made!

  • yang song 2 years ago

    I really like your review.

  • Jolee Zanes 2 years ago

    omg is she really holding the tablet over a bathtub (13:50)?? >.<

  • Denny D 2 years ago

    android is better than ios on any day 

  • Muh Iqomatul Haq 2 years ago

    “16 gigs of RAM”? :p

  • ChrisB10 2 years ago

    you need a make over

  • Edis Mustajbegovic 2 years ago

    which is better for HD videos? (Youtube)

    Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 or Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1?


  • Jennie Scott 2 years ago

    Sold my iPad retina display to get this tab. I love it and am so glad i
    switched back to Galaxy.. This Tab is So much better with more options than
    any iPad out there… My hubby has the new iPad mini, but got his hands on
    my Tab when ever he can.. my plan is to give him mine and upgrade myself to
    the Note Pro 12.2 version as that one will suit my needs even better. For
    professional business use i definatly recommend one of the galaxy Pro
    versions. They have a price tag to them but well worth it. 

  • Lava Java 2 years ago

    As I’ve mentioned to you before, I got the Note Pro 12.2 LTE. It’s not too
    big, but rather just right. In fact, when I went into my local Verizon
    store and saw the display, I first thought that the 12.2 was 10 incher and
    10″ Tab Pro was 8.4. Bigger is better. Love the Note Pro 12.2 – 32G,
    Snapdragon 800, + LTE radio if and when you might need it.

  • Snipick7 2 years ago

    2:50 did she say 16 gigs of RAM? I think its supposed to be 16gb of
    internal/onboard storage… just putting that out there.. friendly comment

  • Michael Lewis 2 years ago

    Fewer features than the Note 2013 and yet more money? No Stylus and less
    RAM, instead they add the Pro moniker and you pay more?

  • Jack Buddy 2 years ago

    Great review Lisa! I wish Samsung would stop their “Magazine UX” (A.K.A.
    Windows Phone/GoogleNow ugly hybrid)

  • Brett Sullivan 2 years ago

    I used this tablet, its nice but i don’t think the internet browser is as
    good as the iPad 

  • Feisi Meng 2 years ago

    does digitizer stylus works on tab pro?

  • Matthew John 2 years ago

    Thanks Lisa, I own this tablet and the asus tf 701 and the Samsung is nice
    and light in comparison. This is a great average user every day on the go
    tablet. Now stay tuned for the next samsung galaxy Tab S…….oh brother
    how many are they releasing in one year?

  • Arturo Mercado 2 years ago

    What’s the name of the office application that you are demonstrating on the
    video please?

  • mempto 2 years ago

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for the great review (as always). I have a question about the
    overall day to day performance of this model. I’ve read a number of
    reviews that were a bit critical of the lag/sluggishness of the Pro 10.1
    despite its powerful internals. Some critics noted that if a number of
    apps were running in the background, noticeable slowdown was evident…the
    touch screen would become less responsive, etc. Did you notice any of
    these things or was all this talk about slowdown blown out of proportion? 

  • Adam B 2 years ago

    in the UK at the moment there is about £150 difference between Tab Pro 10″
    and the Tab 4 10″… do you think there is £150 worth of different in

  • Michaelino81 2 years ago

    Great Review! Thanks!

  • clipsbykris 2 years ago

    Is this device useful for reading eBook’s and PDF magazine’s too? 

  • camaroone123 2 years ago

    Thanks Lisa.

  • John H 2 years ago

    I hope there’s a review of the Tab Pro 12.2 in the works? I always love
    your detailed reviews

  • LordSod 2 years ago

    I only consider buying a new product (latest tech product) after seeing one
    of your reviews.

  • MobileTechReview 2 years ago
  • Alexandre Sales 2 years ago

    Great review

  • ILikeYoutube 2 years ago

    is it just me or did i just heard 16GB of RAM

  • nr3rful 2 years ago

    Very very good information to make buying decisions. You are the best
    reviewer. Thanks

  • Huda Alsakini 2 years ago

    Thank you for the review. 

  • Eric Nicolas 2 years ago

    so basically, Galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition is better than Tab Pro 10.1?