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We compare the two latest offerings from these companies. The New Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook and the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX. Both of these are the latest gene…

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  • Janel Guilbeaux 2 years ago

    Witch one would you say was better?

  • billy fatbowe 2 years ago

    …Next video only two beers before doing it…OK…Hehe…

  • wegen22a 2 years ago

    what tablet is good for using apps, playing games, and reading books. Yet
    has a realitivly fast browser and cheap price.

  • Howard Moses 2 years ago

    It looks like the Samsumg/Nook Tablet wins over the Kindle Fire HDX7, at
    least in my opinion. The comparison between the eReaders shows
    Noook/Samsung more better 🙂 than the Kindle, imo. In the PDF expfrience I
    kind if sit on the sideline for that one having had no reason to use a PDF
    material, someday but right now, Nope.

    Good and fair review as always.

  • BIG1TOWER 2 years ago

    Hey guys I played around with the galaxy nook 4 and I must say I like it.i
    like the size it’s small enough to carry around and that’s what I’ve been
    looking for

  • Luckiestar Birks 2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing…

  • Alexis Gonzalez 2 years ago

    Does the Galaxy tab 4 nook come pre-loaded with any content ? 

  • Kristy Floyd 2 years ago

    Can you do a comparison with the Nook hd please 

  • tony parron 2 years ago

    very good comparison Peter, thank you

  • BIG1TOWER 2 years ago

    Thumbs up

  • Az abaz 2 years ago

    I love my Kindle fire hdx!

  • Grant Hurst 2 years ago

    Can I listen to Audible Audio books on the Samsung Galaxy Nook?

  • Tyler Feehan 2 years ago

    would you say the samsung is worth the 179-199 price? 

  • Kristy Floyd 2 years ago

    Question does the tablet do the same thing the Nook hd does? 1: Scrape
    booking (where you can cut out pages from the magazines). 2: Does the Nook
    tablet have the Araceli and are you able to customize the desktop. 3. Can
    you do the article view 4: What is the sound quality for movies. 

  • Goodereader 2 years ago