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Want to know exactly what’s good, great, and grumble-worthy about Samsung’s flagship tablet, the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2? Well here it is, our in-depth deep-dive into every aspect of the tablet…

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  • Supra2014 2 years ago

    Do I need to download a notepad to take notes or its already build in? ughh
    am clueless

  • calvin tanner 2 years ago

    Would you consider the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 better than the Samsung
    Galaxy Tab S 10.5.

  • TheBarneyrubble08 2 years ago

    I couldn’t disagree more with this video. Apple tablets stand absolutely
    ZERO chance against this tablet. And comparing it to a Microsoft Surface,
    which is a laptop replacement, is an unfair comparison processor wise, and
    he made no mention of the crappy app store Windows has compared to the
    greatness of the playstore. I’m an engineering student and I use this
    tablet for note taking “IN” class and it’s perfect. I sometimes open the
    Kindle app and lecrure notes app side by side and take notes and read on
    the same screen. If you need a tablet, there is nothing better on the
    market… If you need a laptop, buy freaking laptop (drops the mic and
    walks away). 

  • Dimitri Garritsen 2 years ago

    Is there a way to rest your hand on the device while writing/drawing, or do
    I have to hover my hand above the screen?

  • sigthor2015 2 years ago

    Excellent review, but you’re wrong about the battery life. Just surfing the
    net or watching my own movies and my battery goes down pretty fast. I’d
    never get a full day out of it, let alone two. Other than that I love
    everything about this tablet. 

  • Jesse James 2 years ago

    I absolutely love your accent it’s premium. .. but for sketching is there a
    compatible s pen holder or stylus that will make it easier to hold for
    extended periods of time? 

  • tylertoulon 2 years ago

    Is this the latest Galaxy Note tablet available at the time of right now

  • Selena Horde 2 years ago

    Is it worth it to trade my note 10.1 2014 edition for this model? Or just
    stick with the one i have? Thanks

  • Ethan Arnold 2 years ago

    No difference in the tab pro. Don’t waste your money.

  • Carlos Peralta 2 years ago

    Has anyone tried the new OneNote stylus interface? …how do you like it?

  • Collin Kozak 2 years ago

    Love this tablet!!!

  • Sahalu Saidu 2 years ago

    Excellent review. Complete coverage of the device.

  • Alex Cobb 2 years ago

    That Microsoft machine is a good build with nowhere to go nothing to do
    once you buy it. The operating sucks big time. There’s Nothing like the
    Samsung Galaxy discovering it’s kitkat capabilities blended with what
    Samsung has done it take weeks to figure out everything this monster can
    do. School work, art, media, video, whatever your passion is.the apps ratio
    is no comparison. 6oo,ooo to 60,000 but I don’t know where they are for
    either store but I know there is never anything when I go into windows very
    empty and boring and full of low ratings. Very hard to get same quality
    like torrent downloaders I found 1 that was of any use and it’s not that
    easy to use. I just just can’t imagine after all the he’ll I’ve been
    through trying to operate windows 8.1 and test driving RT how that could
    still be Microsofts go to answer with the competition out there.People go
    watch the videos download a gameloft demo and watch that Samsung crank it
    out like a beautiful fluid machine should. They say you can only have 4
    windows open well I found a way to open 5 but who would ever need to. Every
    system seems so boring now even my Acer Iconia A 500 which is still a Lil
    fire cracker I use it when I put the one down. Plus with Samsung you get a
    tone of free gifts including a $25 Google gift card 50 Gigabyte Dropbox for
    two years and about 8 other cool deals. So yea Microsoft can eat it on
    there security and everything we have encryption software and the way it’s
    built we don’t need a cheezy viruse scanner gimmick. But you will if you go
    with MS. I could go on but I’m going to play heehee. Just don’t want you
    getting getting screwed. Oh yea and Auto desk built a special Sketchbook
    app built in for the Wacom S pen software built in. You don’t have diddly
    doo on this machine if you buy anything buy a galaxy note s pro.12.2 (and
    he put the mic down and girls throw him there Apple tablets a nd he throws
    them back and the crowd goes crazy shhhhhhhhhhh).

  • Doan Trung Kien 2 years ago

    Thanks for your detailed review.
    I just want to ask if there is any way to connect this tablet to a
    So that I can watch a movie or present my slides in a big screen.
    Should I use any type of adapter (mini USB to VGA or mini USB to HDMI)?
    Or is there any wireless device that helps to syn the tablet monitor with
    the projector?
    Thank again.

  • Karen Martin 2 years ago

    you talk way to fast while reviewing the galaxy note pro tablet, You gave a
    good review just hard to keep up with you

  • The Crazed Butt Stabber 2 years ago

    does the s pen work as a basic stylus on other screens?

  • jose barreto 2 years ago

    Can you do screen sharing with google hangouts just to teach equations
    solving on line? People says that it{s possible only with windows

  • Sean Churchman 2 years ago

    iPad killer.

  • nr3rham 2 years ago

    I love this tablet. But I must also say you are a great reviewer. Voice and
    inflection is excellent. Definitely kept my attention. 

  • femiairboy94 2 years ago

    This video has won me over to Samsung tablets, i have an ipad but it’s a
    more social friendly device it’s not a device for serious work. Hopefully
    this will be a better alternative.

  • Harish r 2 years ago

    im a medical grad. and i need to take my notes in the class and also some e
    books to read…these r my whats the best tablet available??
    suggestions pls..

  • Supra2014 2 years ago

    I bought it and want it for my business. But I am just learning it. And I
    feel like a caveman with it. I am pretty sure it has the potential for a
    lot more than what I can do. I am having a really hard time finding a
    notepad, something where I can open a blank page and just typed notes does
    he have that?

  • aaron adams 2 years ago

    What game controllers can be linked up with the Galaxy tab 12.2 pro. And
    can will games work with the controller or will only certain games?

  • ultimateblong 2 years ago

    Is the pen pressure sensitive?

  • suyash toshniwal 2 years ago

    Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 .. impressive 

  • imfar2busybeingdelic 2 years ago

    Thank god for finding that sexy man

  • Rob C 2 years ago

    what were the names of those games you were playing?

  • Karsten Fjellheim 2 years ago

    You did not show either comics nor magazines on it, why? That’s the largest
    unexpected reason people want it.

  • Samsung Salalxy 2 years ago

    I’ve watched your video and I like it because it considers every aspect of
    buying a tablet but I am making decision of buying a tablet but there is
    just three devices that I’m considering whether it’s a tablet s 10.5 or the
    tab pro 10.1 or the note pro 12.2 the S Pen is very important for me
    because I have now a note 3 neo and sometimes I’m unable to hold the device
    so I use the pen to surf it but I am very much considering buying the tab s
    10,5 but the lack of s pen is making me worried especially that has a
    Bluetooth keyboard now for it but the note pro doesn’t so do you think
    they’ll be giving us a Bluetooth keyboard for the note pro or that’s not
    going to happen 

  • slamdunkali sebep 2 years ago

    i cant watch youtube videos 1440p on note pro 12.2 why on pc i watch same

  • SneakySandhu 2 years ago


  • L Harris 2 years ago

    great comments; very helpful for new gift received

  • Sea Zen 2 years ago

    I have a ?
    With SAMSUNG Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Quad Core 3GB Memory 64GB 12.2″ 2560 x
    1600 Touchscreen Tablet Android 4.4 (KitKat) I’m looking for a higher
    powered tablet and compatible with external hard drive. Is it possible with
    a usb to transfer books and larger files back and forth this tablet?

  • Robert Perry 2 years ago

    The way you’re talking with that silly sentence construction, actually made
    me feel physically sick :-(

  • Joe Smith 2 years ago

    Will it take a 128GB micro SSD card? On the Samsung webpage it says only up
    to 64GB.

  • Ryan LaRose 2 years ago

    +Btekt I’m a clothing designer, how well would this benefit me? For
    sketching out designs and drawing out looks? Would you recommend this

  • GalacticCommanderKat 2 years ago

    What’s the battery time and recharging time like for the NotePRO 12.2 when
    compared to the Tab S 10.5? I’m trying to decide which of these tablets I
    should get.

  • adam cunningham 2 years ago

    is sketchbook pro on 10.1 also?

  • Doberman 2 years ago

    Excellent review. One of the best, most professional I ever watched…

  • victorstennis 2 years ago

    I’m waiting for the note 4 phone to replace my note 2 and am toying with
    the idea of getting a tablet as a replacement to my 9 year old macbook pro.
    Is there a tablet that would be described as “Best” for light photo
    editing…or is it so close that either this or the new Tab s 10.5 would
    I saw where someone indicated that the surface was a more logical choice.
    Thanks for any feedback