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Nokia Lumia


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  • MrOnlyforcommenting 3 years ago

    the lumia still loses. note 4 is the king of phablet. no one can touch it.

  • John Velasco 3 years ago

    The Nokia Luma 1520 is a great Windows Phone, but for a phablet, it pales
    in comparison to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

  • Muyanzi Reid 3 years ago

    Some old “new” Galaxy phone…PACKED with useless specs and even more
    useless features.

  • D Mane 3 years ago

    It’s so stupid to even compare a last generation to a next generation. At
    lest wait to they come with a 1530.

  • Eccentric Nafi 3 years ago

    is this a troll?comparing n4 with that windows shit……………wp will
    be beast may be in 2020……when a wp will be able to run the same windows
    of the pc,may be then it will be worth comparing with

  • Albert Laqui 3 years ago

    hey you forgot to say android apps crashes more than windows phone and IOS

  • Situ Manandhar 3 years ago

    hope you dont mind this comment…i enjoy your videos but why do we
    (almost)always see the left side of your face while ure on camera???or is
    it just me?

  • FidelGastro99 3 years ago

    Jaaaaahn V has terrible handwriting, I hope he can get his school fees

  • SohanFX 3 years ago

    Just wait for the next gen 1520(1525/1530),,,,It will kill this Korean

  • jervis jagroop 3 years ago

    @00:03 lol…always trying to sound like Jon from Technobuffalo…pathetic!

  • BIG1TOWER 3 years ago

    Give me the 1520

  • Mirime95 3 years ago

    the 1520 is better! I love it *-*

  • jetguy1205 3 years ago

    That guy is a funny color

  • Ghosty Man 3 years ago

    This is Unfair , u should be waiting for 1530

  • Manou Abbas 3 years ago

    Old chipset from Nokia waiting the new to do a loyal VS.

  • erick rosales 3 years ago

    Bored of android. Now i have lumia 1520. Its so simple to use. I cant
    believe i can have up to 66 icons in the main screen without scrolling

  • yasser arkan 3 years ago

    im using the 1520 for 8 months now and its the my daily drive … from
    ex-android’s user (htc m7 , galaxy s3) i can tell its awesome experience 

  • nawaz2kx 3 years ago

    I owned the Note 3 and now I have the 1520.. Note 3 is bollocks, lagdroid,
    battery drain, shitty cheap build, washed out AMOLED screen, barely visible
    during the day. Only downside with Windows is the lack of apps.

  • Shafiiq Khan 3 years ago
  • Wickson Pretrick 3 years ago

    Nokia 1520 .winner

  • Abdul Wahed 3 years ago

    the Ultimate WINNER 1520…

  • YANGGengchao 3 years ago

    In terms of camera, the coming update for lumia 1520 will be much better
    than it is right now. And the function and user interface of the lumia
    camera pro is just my favorite.

  • Naugobe Sekibo 3 years ago

    Tune in next week when John V will be comparing the samsung note 4 against
    the nokia 3390 for the ultimate challenge!

  • Petar Dimitrov 3 years ago
  • hattan Drham 3 years ago

    Lumia preferable simply

  • Zeizar 3 years ago

    The lumia 1520 is stylish ?!?!?!? LMAO WHAT A JOKE!!!!

  • Avin Kevin 3 years ago

    i think pulse sensor feature is a waste. u can just feel the pulse nearby
    your wrist and count it for 1 min.

  • Ishan Agarwal 3 years ago

    i think the note 4 is also much brighter than the lumia 1520