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INPORTANT¡—————— to go to the download page just hit skip add and wait 5 sec ———————————————…


HP Slate 8



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  • TechA 2 years ago

    What Video should i do next? 

  • TechA 2 years ago

    Like :)

  • Bobby Nicholson 2 years ago

    just did this with my hp slate 7 2800 the older model work first try thank
    u very much been reading all kinds of blogs and the xda page and found
    nothing for my old tablet.

    is there a overclocking tool u know that will work well this this rooted
    tablet ?

  • Premangshu Howli 2 years ago

    impactor says signature bugs unavailable

  • Brandon Euston 2 years ago

    when i use impactor it says error more than one device please help

  • Imrul Hasan 2 years ago

    Wow .. its too easy .. Thanks a lot .. I just did it 

  • chav deejoo 2 years ago

    Can I use this same method a galaxy tab 3 

  • Rodrigo Costa 2 years ago

    deu erro

  • Pvpeon 2 years ago

    I love how the video ended at 420

  • chav deejoo 2 years ago

    Thanks it worked fine

  • Zaneman122 2 years ago

    When I try turning it on it stays at the loading screen! Please help!!!!!

  • TheChickenGuild 2 years ago

    Thanks dude!!!

  • Sven Storck 2 years ago

    if i have done this i can run 4.2.2 on my slate 7?

  • Phillip Harry 2 years ago

    How to root HP 7 mesquite

  • sndpsrda 2 years ago

    please help: getting “Signature bugs unavailable” while running impactor.

  • Claudio Iturra 2 years ago

    Gracias bro!!!!

  • gabinlecrafter 2 years ago

    i have a problem when i open Moborobo and he install the driver
    after installation he say “driver not found !”

    help me please :(

  • Dj Decay 2 years ago

    says signature bugs unavailable using impactor……wth do I do now this
    little tab is pissing me off lol

  • Alcide Nobile 2 years ago

    I can’t to open “link Impactador”… heeeeelllppp

  • gabinlecrafter 2 years ago

    with the dubeging and i have installing the aplication 3 times

  • Sumit Satsangi 2 years ago

    Hay everyone, has anyone rooted the slate 6 voice tab successfully? 

  • Corey Ross 2 years ago

    thanks bro this helped so much… :)

  • jakey khan 2 years ago

    I tried it on my hp slate 7 voice tab, but after i tried to open the
    impacter and press start, it gives a error message as signature bugs
    unavailable… Please help

  • Phillip Harry 2 years ago

    No compiuter

  • pankaj jorwal 2 years ago

    brother error 404 

  • iSlayzer 2 years ago

    Work in hp slate 7 model 4200LA?

  • Andreas Stylianou 2 years ago

    moborobo says that cant find a driver for my device (hp slate 2801)

  • Vladimir Ingilizov 2 years ago

    Working perfect.
    Thank you.

  • Braulio Jimenez 2 years ago

    Work in hp slate 7 1800? 

  • Omaraw Alwahsh 2 years ago

    I’v installed Moborobo but when i launched it it was empty and didn’t scan
    my device
    Help please…

  • Hans Abad 2 years ago

    does it work on hp slate 21 ??


  • Vlad Fil 2 years ago

    thx man the quickest way to root!

  • Brenden Sct 2 years ago

    Signature bugs unavailable, WTF?

  • Francisco Brizard 2 years ago

    does it work on slate 4600?