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This is my college student edition review of the microsoft surface pro 3. Check out why I think this is the perfect laptop for college students! Please like,…

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  • shut your face! 3 years ago

    What’s the difference between student edition and normal retail version?

  • Savos Aren 3 years ago

    The problems I have with the Pro 3 is with the accessories really (none are
    deal breakers, just pet peeves). First, they created a 40+/- pin power
    connector that doubles as a data bus, yet the dock has no external GPU?
    Nonsense! They even hinted that the data throughput from the power
    connector can rival thunderbolt speeds, yet they still didn’t do it. Also,
    I don’t like how it seems (not positive) that the connectors for the cover
    does not have a link to the battery. When people connect The Pro 2’s power
    cover, the keyboard works, but the battery isn’t recognized. That sucks,
    because there is no way to charge it otherwise without plugging it in.

  • Jack Burrows 3 years ago

    I currently have an iPad Mini/Macbook Pro – I have always used iWork for
    Education related stuff. But, now I’ve started University, I’ve discovered
    iWork no longer has the feature to cite or even print out notes/comments
    you make on a document. So, I purchased Office 365. I was going to
    upgrade my iPad this year, but, to be quite honest – I can’t do work on my
    iPad at all. I try to, but, I need a mouse to Word Process properly and it
    doesn’t support the input. I think I’ll get a SP3, because I need a new
    tablet, so I might as well get one with an extended functionality, which
    isn’t all that much dearer…considering what else it does.

    Although, I don’t think I could ever, ever, ever move back to Windows full
    time. I’ve grown to used to the swiftness and simplicity of OS X. But,
    for University. This will do nicely.

  • Irene Arlet 3 years ago

    Im a college student and have owned an iMac for 5 years and a MacBook Air
    for 2. I currently have an iPad 2 which I carry alongside my MBA since i
    can use my stylus to take notes on my iPad and they transport directly into
    my MBA with the Notability app. My iPad has served me well but its killing
    my back since its almost as heavy as my MBA so i was thinking if i should
    get an iPad air for 450 or a Surface pro for about 6-700. I can use windows
    fairly well even though all my products are apple. I love the idea of being
    able to take notes and have a full blast PC capable of playing video games
    all in one (although i currently league perfectly on my MBA). What do you
    think i should do? How has your experience been with the SP2?

  • Raul Lopez The Monster 3 years ago


  • Илья Тян 3 years ago

    I think customers choose Macbook Air instead of Surface Pro due to OS X.
    They just don’t want to use Windows.

  • Ray Kon 3 years ago

    Can I install regular aaps?? Like ps6 or illustrator or corel??

  • BagelCollector 3 years ago

    I feel like this would’ve been the perfect device if the home button was
    put in the upper-right corner. I can see myself accidentally pressing that
    constantly when drawing :S

  • Jay Zarna 3 years ago

    can’t wait to get mine, I hate how much my big macbook pro weighs in my

  • Jimmy JamesRaynor 3 years ago

    Just bought the sp3 with type cover. Lost the pen loop within a
    week…Microsoft really need to work on a proper pen holder.

  • Jerry Fahrni 3 years ago

    Nicely done Surface Pro 3 video from the perspective of a college student.
    As previously mentioned we bought my daughter a Surface Pro 3 earlier this
    year. She’s a third year student at UCLA. She was previously using a
    combination of a MacBook Air as a “laptop” and a pen-enabled Windows 8
    tablet to take notes in class. She replaced both with the Surface Pro 3.
    She’s been very happy with the decision. 

  • Mandragara 3 years ago

    I hate writing on touchscreens. It’s one thing I’ll never do. It’s slippery
    and you have to write with massive letters.

  • Chichi dbz 3 years ago

    Can’t wait to get this for Christmas instead of the ps4 and im gonna get
    tge new moto x❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ can’t wait.

  • kb_YouTube 3 years ago

    You are awesome dude. thanks 4 this honest review you conviced me! And good
    luck to you too i college :)

  • biolinkstudios 3 years ago

    Only real uses like you will be honest about the product good job 😛 I am
    using surface pro one Writing/drawing Is amazing on it and it has a rubber
    on the back of it XD step yes they stepped back and forward 😛 trade offs
    also have you got that on Powersaving if so change it to performance you
    can thank me later 

  • LightningMotionshot 3 years ago

    How did you get the red Type Cover Pro? When I go to the order page of the
    Surface Pro 3 Student Edition, I can only choose blue or black :(

  • andino 3 years ago

    lol how much did Microsoft pay you to do this review? Everyone knows they
    have a history of paying reviewers, lol they did it with the Xbox one. 

  • Renée Queenston 3 years ago

    I have a chromebook. I hate it.

    I’m not a chromey, i’m a fox who is all about windows. 

  • threatlevel1200 3 years ago

    do you have the surface edition arc touch mouse? i’m thinking about getting
    it because i wouldn’t need to waste a usb slot because of the Bluetooth
    capability. if so, could you review it?

  • Ethan Yang 3 years ago

    why is everything so AMAZING and AWESOME?!
    i think its alright but not over the top OMG level
    ur a fan boy

  • iK9mod9 3 years ago

    Would the i5 128gb SSD/4gb RAM be good enough. I wanna be able to use this
    for about 4 years. I’ll mostly use it for web browsing, Netflix, other
    video streaming, typing up papers, and occasionally some light gaming such
    as Minecraft. I also keep a lot of tabs up just so they’re there when I
    need it. Or would the i5 256gb SSD/8gb RAM be better in the long run?

  • Fabio Iasiello 3 years ago

    great video! congratulations! I found it very very clear and very helpfull.
    thank you!

  • med icine 3 years ago

    you can write smaller on paper

  • Isaac Anderson 3 years ago

    But how will it hold up after at least a year of use?

  • Eli Graham 3 years ago

    Thanks for the review! Going to college next year and looking for a nice
    laptop, and this hybrid seems to fit my needs perfectly! This was very
    informative and answered just about all of my questions.

  • GiveLove777 3 years ago

    using flipboard on this 12 inch screen is awesome

  • foxtelremote 3 years ago

    I have having a hard time trying to justify purchasing the i5 256 8gb
    version over the 128gb 4gb model. The $300 price difference is a tad
    annoying. I don’t plan to use this for anything other than note taking
    during lectures, and document writing etc, as well as the traditional web
    surfing and co. I dont plan on gaming, but the future proofing is what is
    making this a hard decision >.<.!

  • Tanbin Alam 3 years ago

    how many million an hour battery does surface pro 3 has?

  • Iceverse05 3 years ago

    That video input/ouput your talking about is a mini display port.

  • Chris Garcia 3 years ago

    is there a virtual keyboard on that baby? i would think so since its sold
    separately for the cover one. Why does no reviewer mention how well the
    virtual keyboard works? My windows phone keyboard is amazing I wouldnt mind
    just using that but no one mentions it… is it good on there like the

  • emiel bos 3 years ago

    Do you think the surface pro 3 can run 3D software like catia?

  • Justin Chan 3 years ago

    more of like for students who don’t like gaming and instead just surf the
    web and enjoys the power and light weight of ultrabooks as well as the
    digitizer! for people who like gaming and note taking windows tablet
    instead of sucksung’s galaxy note3, note 10, i would suggest a half- gaming
    laptop and asus vivotab note 8!

  • Beatles4office 3 years ago

    this really helped me get more acquainted with my Surface Pro 3 here in
    college! really great video!

  • Sintel Paige 3 years ago

    currently im a junior in college and im debating between the 2014 MacBook
    Air 11in and the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. As of now im conflicted of which
    to buy. Im coming from a pretty average windows laptop for background. 

  • Marco Tolp 3 years ago

    Thanks for this review! very interesting! could you please make a video on
    how the Surface Pro 3 deals with epub readers, how we can underline text
    and add notes using the pen? thanks in advance!

  • rickyt1818 3 years ago

    Because of yr video, Microsoft has my money now………

  • Adrian 3 years ago

    I’m thinking about getting the Surface Pro 3, as a brand new college
    I thought it was funny because that wallpaper photo was taken here at my

  • Bigtimerush Fan 3 years ago

    I’m saving for one! :)