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  • JimsReviewRoom 3 years ago

    Here’s my overview of the Kindle Fire HDX. Amazing tablet. Add me to
    circles. I do reviews and HD photos on my Google+ Thanks

  • JimsReviewRoom 3 years ago

    One of the best tablets to close out 2013. Definitely watch because this
    tablet with some high-end specs only goes for $229. #kindlefirehdx

  • Eathan Vadness 3 years ago

    Hey JimsReviewRoom, what was that game that you where playing at the end of
    the video that had the guns and the zombies? please let me know! by the
    way, i subscribed and liked! thanks!

  • Tony Parron 3 years ago

    Good reveiw Jim I just got one and that was helpful.

  • Kenneth Lastinger 3 years ago

    thxs for the info im getting one for my birthday 

  • Tamás Gulyás 3 years ago

    Good review, good voice :)

  • Spongebobxxxxxxx717 3 years ago

    Im only getting this to play games on fuck reading

  • Sophie Richardson 3 years ago

    Wow thanks you really helped me out i am deffinetly going go for it!

  • Earl Blackman 3 years ago

    Great review. Just out of interest what camera are you using to film this?

  • Nathaniel Robinson 3 years ago

    7:45 uh it’s not working lol

  • brian sarver 3 years ago

    you can download anouther app store called 1 mobile and get your gogle apps
    and youtube app to

  • Scott Hanson 3 years ago

    Outstanding review ! We will be recieving our second Kindle Fire at the
    end of the month at an overseas location shipped via DHL. This will be our
    first HDX 8.9 model. Thanks to your review we are looking forward to
    updated model.

  • Chad Snow 3 years ago

    Why would people bother with the 7inch? The 8.9 is still small, light, the
    extra inch makes a big difference. With a display this good, you want more

  • Jean Barrett 3 years ago

    Thanks. Mine comes tomorrow and I feel like I already know what to do
    thanks to you. 

  • Jaden Lafosse 3 years ago

    I watched this video on my kindle fire HDX.

  • Ben Ha 3 years ago

    This? Or the Nook Hd+? I am on a budget.

  • Bus Lan 3 years ago

    I think the iPad is now so overrated or shall I add ‘overpriced’, with some
    of these new tablets coming out and competing fiercely. I walked into a
    techy store the other day and got my hands on a 7″ Kindle HDX-7 and was
    totally blown away by the sharpness of the images and video quality, the
    speed, the seamless use of the tablet as everything just trasitioned
    smoothly from page to page.. If I had to sell my iPad now, i would
    definitely be going for this one at 64GB, especially as I have tried out
    other tablets too and wasn’t as impressed with them as I was with this
    kindle HDX tablet…just my opinion

  • DonnieHaitian 3 years ago

    Hey. Jim fantastic review, would u mind giving up the names of the great
    games you where playing towards the end of the video. Gaming is limited in
    the Amazon app store so any chance to get games that really test the HDX’s
    capabilities is cool!! So suscribing!!!

  • Bassam Abulela 3 years ago

    The best review EVER
    Thank you…

  • Jaden Lafosse 3 years ago

    I have the same thing, and I would DEFINATELY recommend that you buy

  • Gordaton 3 years ago

    Having no flash is a huge deal breaker.

  • LiveLife378 3 years ago

    Very Nice !

  • allxtar music 3 years ago

    Wouldn’t it be better of you bought thre nexus seven? I think it would

  • rashea reid 3 years ago

    do it have youtube on it??

  • Lexi Taylor 3 years ago

    I just got it today. It’s awesome, I remember when I got the very first
    kindle fire two years ago. Amazon has come along way

  • saima jabeen 3 years ago

    wow for such a small channel in comparison to big youtubers, this s by far
    the best unboxing video I’ve seen! Who agrees? Guys do a favour and
    subscribe 0.0

  • Billy Rockell 3 years ago

    I wish there was youtube on it :(

  • Darius Stokes 3 years ago

    Backround music gotta go.

  • Krishni Satchi 3 years ago

    yeah I want one for christmas SO BAD!
    Hopefully my parents will get my (extremely subtle) hint…

  • LiChai Epperson 3 years ago

    Thank you very much my moms getting me one for Christmas ( I hope lol 🙂
    and I wanted to know if it was any good thanks fir the review 🙂 btw you
    just got a new sub!!!

  • Iustin Niculae 3 years ago

    Okay, so if the Kindle Fire HDX is Android powered, doesn’t that mean that
    it can be rooted? And that you can flash a custom ROM? So you can run stock

  • Gabriella C 3 years ago

    I think that you forgot to mention X-Ray, but overall great review! P.S. I
    watched on my kindle fire HDX!

  • Jaddllw 3 years ago

    I live in the UK and I got mine with a £34 discount so I only paid £195 for
    the HDX 32GB 7″ model. Saving it for Christmas though 😛 Excellent review!

  • Krogan Wrex 3 years ago

    You can put Google apps on the kindle fire by getting a file manager and
    using a USB cable to transfer the installer onto it. Then in the settings
    tell the kindle fire to allow the install of unknown apps. Then run the
    installer and you can put anything you want like Google chrome etc onto the

  • charrytrini 3 years ago

    Kindle Fire HDX is quite impressive on it performance. Good thing Amazon is
    got a special offer for this tablet – **

  • trumpwnb 3 years ago

    Great review 

  • Abigail Creamer 3 years ago

    Very well done review!!

  • txrn79 3 years ago

    great review!