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The 1520 marks Nokia’s first foray into large screened phones. The 6 Plus is Apple’s first departure from the traditional iPhone form factor. How do the two …

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  • gadget00 3 years ago

    great review; pretty unbiased, felicidades 😀

    I want a phablet because of the ‘crossover’ between cell phones and
    tablets. A bigger screen for media consumption, and also cellular data and
    phone calls. Tablets have become nothing more than a phone with a bigger
    screen but lacking “basic” functionality(phone calls and internet on it’s
    own), as all the OS’s have been streamlined to have the same experience
    “across devices”.

    That kills the whole idea of having a separate tablet, if you’re phone with
    a ‘little bigger'(less than the Nexus 7) screen size IS like a tablet with
    all the apps and the added functionality of phone calls and WhatsApp. And
    now with Surface Pros and such, also your computer with a “little
    smaller”(less than a Macbook Air) screen IS like a tablet too, smaller,
    with touchscreen and great battery life, and capable of running “real
    software” like Office, Autocad, photoshop, etc.

    Tablets are getting cornered quickly and may become just toys for babies
    and/or industrial-type devices.

  • Naomi Sitney 3 years ago

    TEAM NOKIA!!!!

  • Роман Велицкий 3 years ago

    I’ve had an iPhone 5S untill five days ago I got the Lumia 1520. And
    despite its clumsiness and poor one-hand usability I find it gorgeous.

    First of all I love the OS. Almost every device I’ve had in the past was
    running iOS. Once I tried Android (HTC One M7) but it didn’t really catch
    my eye. WP 8.1 is a totally different experience which I enjoy and find
    very satisfying despite the absence of some apps.

    I now look at the iPhone 6 Plus and I can’t find a reason to even want it
    though I’m still using from time to time the 5S.

  • Ingo Klingo 3 years ago

    Dude on the lumia 1520 u have a damn good Bettlers Sitze, a fucking great
    camera carlZiss 19mp and with we 8.1 u can easy and quick change the
    brightness from auto.>low>medium-> high and u can calibrate this on the
    settings for better use.
    Quad core vs. dual core
    External SSD vs fixed
    Wp store vs. App Store
    Touch normal and high vs. fixed
    Duo flash vs. flash

  • Akuserarēta Lumia 3 years ago

    Can’t wait to get my L1520, damn that battery size. Going to nice using
    remote desktop on that screen and watching videos via plex.
    What wireless access point are you using because my netgear one is needing
    to be replaced

  • Jenny Castro 3 years ago

    I do my banking on my phone and buy stuff online a lot…my phone is super
    tiny soo my fingers get in the way when I’m trying to type..because of the
    tight spacing. So it would be great to have a nice size screen with a large
    display… Soo much easier to type!!

  • Jolly Kuo 3 years ago

    People are no longer using their phones to just call anymore… Many people
    read many text messages, online articles, or even books (Kindle). Also,
    people play games (which on a bigger screen experience) is much better…
    Watching video’s on the fly is also much better on a big screen versus a
    smaller screen. Especially for the older generation when I recommend they
    buy a bigger screen when they are buying a new phone (or even the younger
    generation) people never downsize to a smaller form factor (at least in my

  • Scott B 3 years ago

    Lumia 1520 feels amazing in my hand. Perfect size, nice weight, full
    customization, not a fan of windows computers, but damn, this phone just
    knew me in every single way. Can’t wait for mine to come in next week.

  • lefty_aries87 3 years ago

    great review! i would like people to see how good you can record a concert
    with heavy bass on the lumia i havent seen a review so far do it . u should
    record a concert and show people how good the sound is. since the nokia has
    the haac. but now htc also has the haac chip in it which make the audio
    being recorded less distorted

  • Dave Ridgway 3 years ago

    First, thanks for your great reviews Juan. Always look forward to your
    videos and comparisons.

    The 1520 is my next phone, I am just about to get one to replace my Lumia
    920 – which I love, but I want the extra screen space, and battery life.

    I switched to Windows Phone after being on Android for over 4 years, on
    most flagship phones. Got the Galaxy Note the first day it came out, and
    remember people looking at it strangely when I used it in public.

    I think no one beats Lumia phones in terms of design – at least the premium
    devices. The 920 is still one of the best looking phones on the market,
    with its sleek back and raised curved glass. I like phones with definitive
    edges, rather than rounded devices.

  • kitaki zeinko 3 years ago

    great video juan (y) they,re both awsome mobiles. ! but i,ll go for lumia
    1520! i love everything about it ! 

  • Tom Wilson 3 years ago

    Two very simple reasons for considering a phablet. I’m 50 so (1) a larger
    screen is very simply more readable. With most of my mobile activity still
    being on my phone size matters. If you haven’t hit that moment in your
    mid-40s when you can’t bring small print closer, then you won’t understand
    this. Also, my fingers are large, ring size slightly larger than most, so
    (2) larger screen makes buttons and keyboards easier to touch accurately.
    If not for those two things, I would probably stay small and I still
    might. I’m at my contract end as of last week and have been iPhone guy
    since the 3GS came out. This is the first break where I feel like there’s
    a decision to make between Samsung, Nokia and Apple. Two things working in
    Apple’s favor is obviously (1) familiarity and (2) that I use an iPad and
    enjoy it. Things working against Apple are (1) that I don’t use iTunes as
    a service (and hate trying) unless I have to and (2) I don’t have and don’t
    expect to get a Mac computer and I don’t really use the Apple ecosystem
    other than appreciating the familiarity between my iPad and iPhone. This
    is the first time I’ve considered possibly the hassle of a learning curve
    so I think that either speaks well of Samsung and Nokia or that Apple isn’t
    as special as it was when it was introduced.

  • TheKingPhisher 3 years ago

    I just gotta revisit this video to add that you made some really good
    points about the iphone 6. I had considered it before deciding on the 1520
    but when I saw it in person at the Sprint store I was completely turned
    off. For me it looks like a step back in terms of design even though the
    internals are better. That camera lense location on the iphone is SO dated
    and not ergonomic. Also what’s up with Apple’s strange obsession on
    thinness??? I guess the marketing suits needed something to boast about so
    they made it thin instead of keeping the thickness reasonable and filling
    the space with more battery.

  • leroykthx 3 years ago

    I watched the iPhone announcement and honestly its a great phone. I also
    agree that for most people, a phablet IS too big to hold. I happen to have
    big hands and was looking for something in between phone and tablet. I want
    to take my tablet everywhere because its gorgeous for media consumption but
    its too big to put into my pocket. So now I rock a nokia lumia 1520.
    Because windows phone rubs me the right way and my iPhone got old after a
    few upgrades 🙂 regardless of whichever one you choose, enjoy!

  • MPreaper94 3 years ago

    Best comparison video out there. Really solid job man. For me its the fact
    that i actually have bigger hands. A bigger phone would be much more
    comfortable than the phone i have now. Cant wait to get mine!

  • Gomary Sita 3 years ago

    I would choose a phablet for videos, movies + having a mini tablet
    I have the 1520 at the moment and it feels so limited right now because i
    can only do some of that. I cant watch videos that i wanted to (thai tv
    called MyDooTV) because it doesn’t support the right software (i think
    flash) and the app support in general is not that good at all. Lacks watch
    espn, YouTube app, yahoo apps, school apps, etc and Instagram has been in
    beta for more than a year already. The only 2 things i like about the 1520
    is the big screen and app lock screens lol. The camera is good with
    lighting but when its darker out, the colors aren’t as accurate + are under
    saturated. The buttons on the phone could be better. They are clicky but
    they have a weird feel because they are so close to the body (personal
    preference i guess). About the body, the sharp corners actually put a hole
    in my pocket as well. i don’t know if you or someone here reading this
    works for windows but imo, i think it has the potential to be a great phone
    but it doesn’t receive the support to make it as great as it should be. 

  • Syvmana 3 years ago

    I’ve had an iphone and an android. I really want to try out the windows
    phone experience.

  • Raymond Tyson 3 years ago

    Good vid. ftr I thumbs up’d it.

  • BrotherTorag 3 years ago

    The iPhone 5 and 5S were thinner than the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, so I assume
    you’ve never held last years iPhone?
    Also my Nokia Lumia 1520 is the best phone ever.
    It does not compromise on anything, just to list a few things;
    1080p display, 3400mAh battery, micro SD up to 128GB, WiFi 802.11ac, NFC,
    loud speaker, 20MP camera with OIS and a camera shutter key, 4 microphones
    with Dolby surround sound recording, and free offline GPS capabilities
    thanks to Nokia Here suite of apps.
    It is the perfect device if you like Windows Phone.
    I certainly do :D

  • 00Mindi00 3 years ago

    Had my L1520 for a year now, and I still feel like I have a pretty cutting
    edge device. People still freak out at it. I still cannot stop playing with
    it like its a new device. Been on WP since 7.0, have been patient with the
    aches & pains of it maturing, but its been worth it. 8.1 is solid, key apps
    are there, I have absolutely no complaints to be honest. I hope we can get
    a review of W10 running on the L1520.

  • Nakia Wooten 3 years ago

    I love my Lumia 1520. the iPhone looks great

  • N Meono 3 years ago

    I think iOS it’s good but the Lumia it’s amazing feels fresh and It is
    simple and you feel more free, you do not need a program like iTunes for
    connecting to my computer, it’s just simply paste or delete anywhere. you
    feel totally free with the Lumia and the new windows phone 8.1 this is the
    new generation… I’m Just saying Free Speech.

  • UNKNOWN GAMERX 3 years ago

    huh just wondering how you got asphalt 8 i looked for it on Nokia lumia 930
    but not there any suggestion where or how can i get it…?

  • Anakin Linex 3 years ago

    Lumia is love Lumia is life

  • Darshan Davis 3 years ago

    I think this is the first comparison video I’ve ever watched where there
    isn’t any raging fanboys in the comments section. Horray!

  • Jeremy Collins 3 years ago

    Really good video. I didn’t notice any bias,and I subscribed to your
    channel as a result. I love my Lumia 1520. The larger screen has been
    great. Great for watching videos of course,but also for viewing anything.
    Especially when you want to share what’s on your screen with other people.
    My Lumia 920 doesn’t look the same to me anymore. The 1520 has also been
    great for business purposes with it’s large screen. Best phone I’ve ever

  • mickshaw555 3 years ago

    phablety as it fits the shirt pocket unlike nexus 7, can wtch movies on big
    screen when traveling, more feature rich camera, and good travel buddy
    while gaming.

  • Prabu Venkatraman 3 years ago

    Unbiased review and touched upon things that other reviewers never address
    like, how the phone balances on a hand, reachability and usability stuff
    rather than just spec comparison. Good job. Subscribed!!

  • Sherlan Gittens 3 years ago

    Well I have large hands, so I always struggle with a smaller device when it
    comes to the keyboard. can you imagine having a big thumb touch a small key
    on a 4 inch screen?… a lot of miss touches might I add. 

  • Meg Russell, ABR, ALHS, Ecobroker, Green 3 years ago

    You didn’t mention the most compelling thing about the Nokia 1520 -which
    is the brand new “clear black” display technology allowing excellent
    visibility in sunlight. So this is truly the first phone that allows you to
    work from the beach!!! I believe the original technology is called an
    “Assertive Diisplay” and was licensed from the inventors Apical and I
    understand Samsung will soon be licensing the technology from them as well.

  • candsofillusion 3 years ago

    I have no computer for 6 months now and the only thing I have is my Lumia
    1520. I did not miss my desktop at all until school started. That’s when I
    needed to use desktop programs like MS Office because you could only do so
    much with the mobile version of Office.

  • Mr.Roman Lak 3 years ago

    I have had Lumia 1520 since february and I am very happy with it! Never had
    any problems with it. Camera is best and the battery life is well above two
    days and I am using it all the time! My best phone ever!

  • Don N 3 years ago

    I love the Nokia 1520, I actually use this phone unlike my old phone that
    was a chore to use since I have big thumbs, and I am getting a little older
    now and need reading glasses to look at my old phone. So before when I
    tried to text I struggled with tiny keyboards and mistyping every other
    letter, it was exhausting and irritating. And now that I am in my 40’s I
    usually need reading glasses to look at other phones, but this phone has a
    large enough screen that I can adjust the text to a point that I can read
    it. I just wish Microsoft would allow app developers more control and
    ability to make better apps, especially texting apps. I really want to be
    able to use my pc when I am at home to control my phone and text from my
    keyboard and mouse through the usb connection. As much as I love this
    phone, Microsoft not making WP8 work along with Win8 is really frustrating.
    They look similar but almost share nothing except for that skydrive thing,
    where they so graciously allow you to store ALL your texts, images, and
    contacts on THEIR servers. Even though you can’t actually retrieve your
    texts from there. So you must be asking; “Why do they have a copy of our
    texts if we cant get access to them for ourselves?”. THAT is an excellent
    question, trust me I tried, we had an issue with my wife’s phone, Microsoft
    told us we cant have access for legal reasons and that it has something to
    do with preserving the integrity of the records for legal uses like court
    cases… So go figure…

  • DBDennisvdG 3 years ago

    This is the most fair comparison I can find on youtube! And you touched on
    a lot of issues/features that many reviewers skip. +9001 to you for the
    great video!!

  • win2008workstation 3 years ago

    +JuanBagnell What is the ring around the lens housing of the 1520? 

  • Yuliqa M'Diq 3 years ago

    I have an upgrade in March 2015 and want one of these phones but don’t know
    which to choose. I’ve held both and played with them. I love how big they
    are! I have a Galaxy S4 currently and had an iPhone 4s in the past. Which
    do you think I should get if I’m on my phone all day (usually 8+ hours).

  • Alex Petcu 3 years ago

    I’m not a fan of humongus phones but i intend to replace my 820 with a 1520
    because of the battery..that’s all for me. I give up awkward size to gain
    one of the greatest battery in a phone. 

  • Neoand12 3 years ago

    I love all Phablets! They all need love too! I hate when people say carry
    around a phone and a tablet. I don’t want carry around a phone and a tablet
    everywhere I go. And I’m glad other OEMs are following Samsung (Actually
    Dell streak but that wasn’t mainstream.)

  • bvzxa3 3 years ago

    Man thanks Juan you technically sold me on the Lumia 1520. I had the
    Optimus G pro, then I traded for the Note 2. I really liked the Note 2.
    Versatile with all sorts of custom roms. Battery life was awesome. Well I
    sold both of my notes to pay a lawyer and now I am back to my Optimus G.
    Now for the life of me I cannot send a text or reply on face book because I
    have been used to a 5.5″ Display for over a year. I didn’t like the Note 3
    display because it uses pentile, the Note 2 used the RGB Matrix and despite
    it being 720p it always looked smoother to me. 

  • IceChocTea 3 years ago

    youre awesome at reviewing. subbing.

  • crashandcynder 3 years ago

    i want either the 1520 or the 1020 i have the 925 and it is awesome 

  • Mark Binder 3 years ago

    Thought you might like to know that with the coming of the new Lumia Denim
    firmware update the Lumia 1520 will have a new ability to adjust the screen
    brightness just like the iPhone 6 does. You will even be able to set it as
    a live tile on the home screen so all you will need to do is tap the live
    tile and adjust the screen brightness with the same kind of sliding scale
    as the iPhone 6+

  • SoundAsyluMProd 3 years ago

    Did he just say “Nokia Denim” so i believe i should wait on the 1520, until
    this new phone comes out!? Any release date on the Denim as you say?